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Comment Science For The Birds (Score 1) 125

We can perform miracles when we apply science to the problem. All we need here is to reformulate plastics into a nutritious dietary enhancement. Plastics have long taken many forms, textures and other characteristics with the brilliant work of scientists and engineers. The only plastic on my 1950 Pontiac was a hood ornament that looked like amber. Today there's no place to put a magnet in your car- everything is plastic.

Furthermore, let's look on some past breakthroughs, like in the 70s when we created the Six Million Dollar Man and edible panties. Didn't Kennedy and dedicated American scientists put a man on the moon? We can do this people!

Apologizing for all caps in title; it seems to be required at slashdot.

Comment harm others, no risk to self ... (Score 1) 210

from the summary
"...the risk of getting caught or killed by law enforcement so that only depraved hatred, or religious fervor has been able to motivate someone to take on those risks as part of a plan to harm other people."

Of course this Rubalcava guy wants to stir up excitement, panic, whatever. That's what people do during the slow times between real disasters. But I doubt that there are no other ways to harm people without risk. I could make a list but for the fact that unimaginative people like Rubalcava would incite more panic with it.

Really, can't you think of ways to harm large numbers of people without risk to yourself?
(Keep them to yourself, no need to advertise them.)

Comment Re:A simple solution (Score 1) 210

Why would you think that AVs are only for humans? Much of the world's transport has nothing to do with humans. Ships, planes, trains and road vehicles are used for products and materials delivery and even now there are very few humans in those vehicles or on the phone telling them where to go. In the future, shippers will find it expedient to remove the last remaining humans from the system.

Comment Re:Would love a modern NeXTstep (Score 2) 157

This appears to be the vision of a very small number of developers. One? Of course they welcome help but the single vision is important.

A person I greatly respected (my mommy) used to say, when she saw an ugly building, "It looks like it was built by a committee."

Have you ever noticed this effect in a software project?

Comment confusing title ? (Score 1, Troll) 36

"Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions Unveils LawBreakers Game Trailer"

When every word starts with a capital, none of the capitals have meaning. Entire sentences have no meaning. What possible benefit is there for this insane habit? Wake up Slashdot, use caps only when required.

Or, if you really want to be stupid, cap every letter: CLIFF BLESZINKSI blah blah.

Comment weasel words (Score 2) 103

I skipped the Discovery link to avoid hype and went directly to the Harvard link.

Disappointing. One expects a certain sobriety from scientists and yet something is terribly wrong here. The article is peppered with weasel words: an unusually vague 'theory'; and words like: could, might, if, potentially, would, and the ever dreadful 'assumes'. Let's hope that the actual paper will have a more solid foundation.

Comment Clean it up & save on your own drive. (Score 1) 88

As many have said, it is insane to save things related to your personal interests on an anonymous server. Most of us have trilobytes of hard drive space available--so use it. Also, few web pages are worth saving due to the 30% devoted to content, 70% to obnoxious noise. So, some cleanup is desirable.

Here's what works on my Mac (YMMV): I find an interesting page that I haven't time to study right now so my first choice is to Copy the text and Paste it into a text editor. Perhaps there are pictures and charts that I want to include- I can copy & paste them too, but that's time consuming and some formatting is often lost.

The next option (brilliant, you'll agree) is to turn on the Add-On called HackTheWeb. Oooh, you're gonna like it. So now I can select elements of the page to Remove or maybe a central article to Isolate. On a very complex page it can be tricky to get just what you want without all the cruft. Get rid of the ads, doodads and other junk leaving a nice clean article to save.

Finally, with the Mac I go to the Print menu and verify that it looks like I expect, and then I Print to PDF. I have a clean copy ON MY DRIVE, and not some foreign server. The entire process takes 1-3 minutes but it results in an easy to read page that can be proudly shared with other interested parties.

Comment Re:One possible solution... (Score 1) 131

"We should pass a law: if any public funding is used for research, the public has a right to free and unfettered access of your research results..."

ABSOLUTELY, and let's take that one step farther. If tax funded research leads to a patentable result--the patent belongs to the taxpayers.

Far too often, one of the researchers walks off the university campus, gets funding, and makes millions for himself from a patent that we paid for.

Comment 5G to the rescue! (Score 5, Insightful) 158

"Statistics show that 20 percent of our water supply is lost every single day because of leaks in the pipes that make up the national infrastructure...
Monitoring every pipe in real time would require the ability to gather and analyze huge volumes of data at speeds that are just not possible today. "

I'm not sure how 5G is going to help our 100 year old supply pipes that we can't even afford to repair. Perhaps we can plug the cracks with 5G Nokia phones.

This appears to be a promo aimed at ignorant investors. It's hard to believe that the Nokia CTO would write such nonsense to the tech savvy.

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

Nc = F - (Bmr + E) ?

You seem to have ignored all the conflicting evidence right on this page about your calorie theory. Nor do you offer any authoritative source for your assurances (hopefully from real scientists living in this century who have not been bribed).

I consume massive quantities of fat, average protein, almost zero carbohydrates, and a generous quantity of vodka. Every measurable indicator of health is improved, my endurance is improved, my diabetes is gone and I'm losing weight like crazy. About 50 million people around the world have benefited from similar diets. How does your theory explain that?

Comment Re:"allow science to show the pros and cons" (Score 1) 361

What part of 'follow the money' eludes you?

"plenty of ag programs at public universities doing research on GMOs" - where do they get the money for this? Without knowing this, that research is useless.

'quarter billion dollars' - how is any part of that competitive with Monsanto research? If they put 100% of that to find the truth, the big M would still crush them. Don't forget their formidable legal department.

Today we have similar news about Coca-Cola planning to use science to convince us that sugar is not causing obesity. They will pay for that 'science', and nobody has the budget to prove it wrong. In fact, all the junk food purveyors will join Coke to prove junk food is good for you. And the government will reshape the Food Pyramid to assure continued profits for them.

Politicians, as I mentioned before, are spineless in the face of re-election ambitions. Coke and Monsanto are very helpful to politicians. You may rest assured that Monsanto goons are headed to Scotland with carrots and sticks to assure their local profits.

Disclaimer: I don't know that GMOs are unhealthy. I do know that Monsanto has hurt some farmers. They are a corporation, and in the US that means that their ONLY loyalty is to their shareholders.

Comment text can work (Score 1) 528

I see ads; text ads. Google itself inserts text ads in some places. They work, I sometimes read them, sometimes follow a link. But pop-up ads, videos, slide shows, obstructive banners and any visual or audible noise are banned. Tracking web bugs and many scripts are banned. Often sites don't work for me because of this, so I just leave. Other than my bank and very few other businesses, all sites are disposable.

Advertisers are hurting themselves as well as those of us who have to suffer them. Sensible text ads can work, and they are very hard to block.

Does anyone here remember Burma Shave ads along rural highways?
  Everyone loved them, cute little rhymes that concluded with a reminder to buy their product. Creativity in advertising today seems to be a matter of producing bigger, more obnoxious noise. There is much that can still be done with a whisper.

Comment "allow science to show the pros and cons" (Score 1) 361

You get the science you pay for. And who's paying for it? Why, it's Monsanto! Do you see any non-profits who can buy a comprehensive study disproving Monsanto claims? Is there an elected official who will support an investigation of Monsanto? (Try to find one who doesn't get support from the company.) As usual, when a controversy arises you can usually follow the money to see who is behind the 'facts' we are presented with.

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