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Comment Problem attaching files with yahoo mail beta (Score 1) 239

I tried out the yahoo mail beta last week, and I promptly dumped it in favor of the regular yahoo mail. I tried to attach some files to the email while using firefox, but the popup window to select the attachments was so small that I couldn't click on the browse button to find the attachment, I had to use the tab key to get to it. And there wasn't an 'ok' or 'attach' button in sight anywhere. Screw that.

Lens That Writes on Both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray 289

morpheus83 writes "Ricoh claims they have developed an optical component that reads and writes all disk formats -- Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD, as well as DVD and CD -- with one pickup and one objective lens. The component is a 3.5-mm diameter, 1-mm thick round diffraction plate with minute concentric groves on both sides which function as a diffraction grating. Based on disc information the drive can identify which format disk is loaded, Ricoh's optical diffraction component adjusts the laser beam with its diffraction grating for each format and passes it to the objective lens."

Nanotube Lube Replenishment for Massive Drives 144

PetManimal writes "Techworld reports that Seagate has just patented something called 'Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording,' which features nanotechnology and could lead to a 1.46TB 2.5-in. drive. The article says 'Storing data properly in extremely small areas requires the magnetic material to be heated during the writing phase, but this causes the lubricant film deposited on top of the magnetized recording layer to evaporate. Seagate's patent resolves this problem by having a reservoir inside the disk casing that contains nanotube-based lubricant. Some of this is periodically pumped out as a vapor and deposited on the surface of the disk, replenishing the evaporated lubricant.'"

Western Union Blocking Money Transfers to Arabs 904

lowrydr310 writes "Western Union is blocking money transfers to people with Arab names. They have delayed or blocked thousands of cash deliveries on suspicion of terrorist connections simply because senders or recipients have names like Mohammed or Ahmed. 'In one example, an Indian driver here said Western Union prevented him from sending $120 to a friend at home last month because the recipient's name was Mohammed.' Western union claims they are merely following U.S. Treasury Department guidelines that scrutinize cash flows for terrorist links. I agree that Western Union shouldn't allow anyone supporting terrorism to use their service, however I'm fairly certain there are millions of people named Mohammed or Ahmed who aren't terrorists. I wonder if any other financial companies such as banks are doing the same thing."

Dropping Linux Helped Restore Corel Profitability 245

basotl writes "Newsforge is reporting that Corel attributes part of its financial comeback to dropping Corel Linux and its Linux office suite. Though they are not currently offering products for Linux, they are interested in prospect in the future." From the article: "Looking back, Brown describes the decision to drop Corel Linux as 'a successful strategy for Corel and an early step toward the refocusing of our business. At the time we knew that Corel's core focus was moving away from the operating system to concentrate more on our application offerings, and this would almost certainly have an impact on the level of service we could afford to customers and users of Corel Linux.' Nor, as a company struggling to regain profitability, was Corel inclined to try to develop the GNU/Linux market by continuing to support WordPerfect for Linux."

WA Law Means Linking to Gambling Websites Illegal 300

tpoker writes "Following a previous story on Washington State making online gambling a felony, the Seattle Times reports that the first legal salvos have begun. 'The first casualty in the state's war on Internet gambling is a local Web site where nobody was actually doing any gambling. What a Bellingham man did on his site was write about online gambling. He reviewed Internet casinos. He had links to them, and ran ads by them. All that, says the state -- the ads, the linking, even the discussing -- violates a new state law barring online wagering or using the Internet to transmit 'gambling information ... Telling people how to gamble online, where to do it, giving a link to it -- that's all obviously enabling something that is illegal.'"
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Journal Journal: New PhysX Chip not physically compatable with SLI !!!

According to Alienware's configuration website, the Ageia PhysX card is incompatible with GeForce 7900GTX cards in SLI mode, due to space limitations!

But, Ageia's website states that Alienware has 7900GTX in SLI with the PhysX card! What gives!?!

No More Next Big Thing? 564

CthuluOverlord writes "CNET is reporting that Nicholas Donofrio, Big Blue's executive vice president of innovation and technology, made a declaration on Tuesday in an interview with ZDNet Asia. 'The fact is that innovation was a little different in the 20th century. It's not easy (now) to come up with greater and different things. If you're looking for the next big thing, stop looking. There's no such thing as the next big thing.'" Donofrio goes on to explain that he sees innovation as being services or social changes nowadays, rather than simply a better moustrap. What's the verdict? Is tech innovation dead?
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Journal Journal: Atrios gets it wrong, again

Missouri House Concurrent Resolution No. 13 is yet another example of a patently stupid, unconstitutional law whose purpose is to bring back prayer in public schools, and religious monuments in town squares.

However, the hyperbole that Eschaton ( has spun this story with is unhelpful to our Democratic cause.

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Journal Journal: Uncharted Territory for Democracy...and Israel

One of the fundemental axioms of political science is that Liberal Democratic States do not go to war against each other, since Democracies will resort to both intra-national and international democratic institutions first. So, if Canada and the U.S. have a dispute over lumber, Ottawa doesn't send a flotilla of ships to bombard Washington, D.C. They go to the World Trade Organization and argue over treaties. Congresses of both nations act. The respective State Departments of both Countrie

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Journal Journal: Still Frustrated with Democrats on Alito

I am still frustrated with the Democrats response to the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court.

I am repeating myself again.

Why have they given up fighting the nomination? Does one sobbing wife completely castrate the Democratic Party? What gives?

Why has Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said, "I do not see the likelihood of a filibuster, to be very candid with you," while on Meet the Press yesterday?

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Journal Journal: Arbitration Agreements

On Marketplace this morning, consumer advocate Jamie Court made a very imprecise statement of law while discussing arbitration clauses in credit card agreements. He remarked that the 7th Amendment guarentees a right to a trial by jury. This is not exactly true. The Supreme Court decided in Colgrove v. Battin that the Seventh Amendment preserves the right of a trial by jury in federal civil cases as it "existed under the English common law when the amendment was adopted."

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Journal Journal: My Love/Hate Relationship with my USB key

I love my USB key. It is a 1 Gig Corsair Flash Voyager. Here is a review:

I currently have the following portable applications installed: FoxIt Adobe Acrobat Reader, Damn Small Linux (Qemu Emulation for windows), freeCommander, Portable, Portable Firefox and Thunderbird, TrueCrypt, VLC media player, and GAIM portable.

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Journal Journal: Supreme Court Nomination 3

I am growing frustrated with the Democrats who are trying to challenge the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court.

As a Democrat, I do not find Alito's nomination to be that objectionable. Secondly, I do not believe that the Democrats should waste the valuable political capital they have built up during the Plamegate fiasco to fight this nomination.

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