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Comment Misleading summary (Score 5, Informative) 52 52

ADS-B is not powered (in whole or in part) by aviation hobbyists. They are just piggybacking with receivers for flight tracking.

The ADS-B system itself was designed for plane-to-plane communications to improve situational awareness. Ground-based ATC or hobbyists are not required to make the system work.

Source: I worked on an ADS-B product at Garmin.

Comment Re:Reminds me of Chessmaster cheating (Score 1) 224 224

I'm not the anon, but I also did this a little over a decade ago. I made a separate account on a casual gaming site that had chess. I think I was just curious how the program would stack up to real people. Some of the [presumably real] players at the top gave Chessmaster a real challenge. But I think the only times I lost were when I inputed a move wrong. I quit when people started asking me for advice...

Comment Re:eh, it's not that bad (Score 1) 459 459

As someone who touch-types Dvorak at home, and has to switch back to QWERTY at work, I think I can safely say my experience trumps your few symbol keys moving around...

Why aren't you using Dvorak at work? I use Dvorak at home and on my work computer as well.

Comment Re:Should have been driving a Tesla (Score 1) 961 961

And 600HP is nothing. I've got a good friend from college who gets almost 1200HP in his GTR (1192 WHP / 1402 crank, actually). I don't see him wrapping it around vertical objects.

The GTR (unless you are referring to the Ultima GTR) is front-engined and all-wheel drive. One with 1400 hp probably has a tremendous amount of turbo lag as well. I really don't think you can compare that to the mid-engined, naturally aspirated V10 Carrera GT.

Comment Re:How common is IR arming remotes? (Score 1) 153 153

My car has HomeLink in the mirror. I believe in order to learn the code the remote needs to be close to the mirror (though I didn't test from further away). For rolling codes, I had to capture several button presses in a row (about 5 times, if I recall correctly). I'm pretty sure the captures need to be sequential to learn the rolling code.

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