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Comment Re:What will replace Facebook? (Score 1) 193

Every feature of Facebook that caused me to sign on with it when it first opened, is available through Twitter. I'm linked to everyone I know and I can give them status updates and post photos and view theirs. There is no reason for me to ever use Facebook now that I have Twitter.

Comment Re:Google is a business... (Score 1) 87

Considering that these are supposed to be helium balloons, and we're facing a global helium shortage - yes, this is an immoral use of the technology. It was already a matter for debate when they were going to waste helium to bring the miracle of Twitter to the earth's rural poor. They're hastening the demise of MRI machines in the name of higher bandwidth for the globe-hopping ultra-rich, that is what I call "evil."

Comment Re:Wearing Glass was the third violation on ticket (Score 5, Insightful) 638

She says in the comments, "The speeding was justified as I was in a 65 mph zone and thought I was on a 75mph zone, I always feel like I need some software to alert me when zones change ... is that only me??" Actually California does have an "app" to alert you when zones change, it involves physical displays of the current speed limit that come into eyesight as you physically approach them

Comment "more power in the hands of the users" (Score 5, Insightful) 182

What I see is less power in the hands of users as all games become subscription and "early access." The developer is freed from its obligation to ever provide a finished product that actually belongs to the user, rather than being leased or sold "on spec"

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