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Comment: Re:"Working hours: Get a life" at economist.com (Score 3, Insightful) 545

by swamp_ig (#48535909) Attached to: Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?

People who work the harder in their industry will almost always get paid more (barring other factors).

That's unfortunately nothing to do with how well they get paid.

Your pay level is largely about politics and self-promotion. (within a particular field and experience level)

Comment: Re:You can pry my wallet from my... (Score 1) 375

by swamp_ig (#48502779) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

Where I live - number of x in last 100 years:

Hurricanes: 0
Earthquakes: 0
Snowstorms: 0
Tornado: I think there's been 2-4 very minor ones with local damage only
Revolutions: 0
Military invasions: 0
Floods: 2 (again minor and localized)
Widespread power outage > 12h: 2 in last 30 yrs

I guess I can chuck the wallet!

Comment: Re:I'm not a scientist... (Score 0) 99

by swamp_ig (#48331055) Attached to: French Health Watchdog: 3D Viewing May Damage Eyesight In Children

Eyesight is probably the most important sense you have to interact with the world. It's precious and even a slight chance off affecting it is enough to not take the risk. It's not like we're depriving kids of something important anyway.

I don't see what's wrong with the recommandation and the fact that an agency for food, environmental and occupational health and safety studies the effect of 3D viewing on people and kids. Sounds to me they are doing their job.

But there's no evidence.

Does that mean we should recommend against everything else where there's no evidence of damage too?

Funny how incidence of myopia and use of mobile phones are both increasing...

Quick! Ban mobile phones - won't anyone think of the children?

Comment: Re:The Middle Class is the Bedrock of Society (Score 1) 839

by swamp_ig (#48165153) Attached to: Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

Population level surveillance is nothing to do with socialism or capitalism.

It's a tool that can be used by either - generally by the powerful against the majority. In 'true socialism' (which is impossible and more of a theoretical ideal) then there'd be no surveillance as there'd be no powerful group.

Comment: Re:Yes. (Score 4, Interesting) 1216

by swamp_ig (#45505281) Attached to: Should the US Copy Switzerland and Consider a 'Maximum Wage' Ratio?

It is about economic growth because when you place restraints like this on the market, there are real economic consequences.

In real terms (PPP), for the vast majority of the population, there has been no economic growth in the west since the 80s. All the economic benefits since then have accrued only to the wealthy elite.

So the current system is clearly failing - it is not delivering benefit to society.

Comment: Re:What happens when the App crashes? (Score 5, Informative) 117

by swamp_ig (#45450953) Attached to: Rigging Up Baby

One can argue that these devices have little use other than helping parents sleep, knowing they'd be alarmed if something happens. Even if that's the case, trust me, it is money well spent. As a new parent, there are a ton of things that you'll be concerned about and this just helps easy your mind.

Paediatricians don't recommend the use of these devices. They haven't been shown to decrease the risk of anything. They tend to produce false alarms, causing a hell of a lot of parent anxiety, and which may contribute to post-natal depression (which has got a well established link to infant death).

Comment: Re:Horrible for the rural poor (Score 4, Insightful) 1143

by swamp_ig (#45380969) Attached to: EPA Makes Most Wood Stoves Illegal

The busybodies in our government have no problem throwing the poor under the bus to achieve some feel-good goal so they can go home to their mansions at night and feel good about themselves. They're hurting real people.

All this rule changes is the efficiency for NEW wood burning stoves. It doesn't make them even cost any more. It just means they run more efficiently and put out less smoke. Pre-existing stoves don't need to be pulled out or anything.

So for the rural poor that means less cost for heating (or work of chopping wood if you prefer), and less lung disease, for really no increased cost.

Can't see that as a bad thing.

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