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Comment Re:CA water is feeding you ... (Score 1) 599 599

You should ask those "farmers" where their vegetables are actually grown. Just because they are sold locally doesn't mean they were grown locally. The variety of "local" products at those places always amazes me.

But more importantly, things like produce are pretty much commodities. So all the consumption affects all the production.

Comment Re:Or hey, maybe we need (Score 1) 599 599

Who feeds cows almonds and avocados? Cows eat grasses and corn. I don't think California grows that.

And growing rice, a textbook wetland type of crop, in a place without sufficient water doesn't make a whole lot of sense. California should stick to growing things that are suited to the land available.

Comment Re:CA subsidizes your food ... (Score 1) 599 599

Fuck my groceries. Food, as a percentage of household spending, is historically cheap. Charge the farmers the same price they charge everyone else, and the farmers will raise their prices accordingly. If that means I can't afford California's products, I'll choose another product. None of the things that California grows are necessary staples. If that means the farmers aren't competitive any more, then they should choose a line of work whose profitability doesn't depend on government largess and piping in water from god knows where.

It's nonsense really. You don't subsidize a limited, necessary resource. You let the supply demand curve determine the optimum price, and then if poor people can't afford to get drinking water, you subsidize them directly. Not to mention, when the price of water reaches its natural level, new sources like desalinization become economically feasible.

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