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Comment Re:Apropos of nothing... (Score 1) 464

Still, Uber is trying to get into the scene by not employing drivers (thus not paying taxes/healthcare for them) because it will be more profitable for them. But not for the city I live in and it's inhabitants.

Uber doesn't employ the drivers anywhere. They are a referral service and payment processor mostly. If the driver or the passenger don't pay their taxes properly, how is that Uber's fault?

Comment Re:Uber is as safe as taxis (Score 1) 464

The democratic party has been the party of civil liberties since the Dixiecrats ran into the open arms of the GOP. And I think you'll find that Democratic presidents have done more free-market, small-government things than Republicans have when you balance things out. A hearty chunk of the debt incurred during the Obama administration is due to the actions of Bush and his lapdog congresses. (Wars, Medicare Part D, tax cuts when there is a deficit, etc.) There is nothing free market about giving the current citizens the benefits while pushing the costs out onto future generations.

Comment Re:Uber is as safe as taxis (Score 1) 464

Uber isn't operating a taxi service, nor are the drivers. You can't walk into the street and hail an Uber car. It is one private citizen giving rides to other private citizens, mediated by a website. Am I operating an unlicenced taxi if a friend kicks in gas money on a road trip?

Comment Re:No.... (Score 1) 315

There are two different systems for credit card style transactions. First there was the good old credit card, swipe+signature (or imprint + signature) method. At the same time, you had another card in your wallet that was tied to your bank account, and those were processed through the ATM network, which is the swipe+PIN method. Over time, these technologies merged so that one card could do both, and people just used whatever they were used to. Those different methods also costed different amounts. The credit card way charged the merchant. The ATM network charged the bank, who likely charged you.

Comment Re:So when are they making something we can AFFORD (Score 1) 321

You can do the same thing in the opposite direction. The subsidy stays with the car. The first buyer gets a $26,000 car for $19,000, and the second buyer gets a $19,000 car for $11,000. The second buyer knows he isn't getting the subsidy, so he knows to pay $7000 less than what he thinks the car is actually worth. You are mistaking price for value.

Comment Re:Translated (Score 1) 451

People are notoriously bad at realizing this. The ABS only goes off if it detects wheels going different speeds when they shouldn't. The ABS only triggers once you have already lost control!

There is a scenario where the ABS can slow things down, but it's not something that can be relied upon. That is when the vehicle is on a material that will form a wedge/clump (like gravel or packable snow).

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