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Comment: More durable (Score 1) 359

by sven_eee (#44047045) Attached to: My view of touchscreen laptops:

I am for them slightly as they will make the screens more durable (better hinges and screen overlay),
But I hate touch screens so will disable the touch input.

Regardless of if you get a touch screen or not it will in courage other to poke at your screen if they touch screens on laptops become common (in which case you may have to remind them not to with a slap to the face)

Comment: create your own sniffed AP (Score 2) 884

by sven_eee (#42959727) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With an Advanced Wi-Fi Leech?

I had a problem like this once.
To solve it I setup a second access point with throttled bandwidth then captured all of its data, not only was I able to capture his logins/passwords but was able to identify him and his address. Then it was a mater of using firesheep to take control of his Facebook page ;) and sending I nicely worded letter to his home address.

Comment: You can already do it with 1D barcodes (Score 1) 289

by sven_eee (#41322977) Attached to: QR Codes As Anti-Forgery On Currency Could Infect Banks

I commonly see developers not clean/check barcode data and just expect it to be numbers but it is easy to print out a database attack as a barcode so when someone scans that barcode it is run against the backend system.

Code128 lets you join many smaller barcode together that will be passed to the system as a single string, so when the system is only expecting a few digits you can flood it with kilobytes of SQL injections or shell code.

And that is all just with 1D barcodes. QR is 2D

Comment: Not without USB (Score 1) 375

by sven_eee (#39491501) Attached to: Cops Can Crack an iPhone In Under Two Minutes

I can't speak for Apple users but as an Android user I only ever need to connect the USB on my phone for charging, everything else I do wirelessly. I also have a user changeable battery so could survive without USB at all.
So if by chance the USB connector becomes damaged or in someway disabled at a hardware/low level this approach would be rendered useless and they would have to fall back to the "Tell me or else" approach

+ - "Most Earth-Like" Planet Gets Major Demotion->

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audiovideodisco writes: "Last month, the team behind NASA's Kepler planet-finding mission announced the discovery of the most Earth-like planetary candidate ever spotted: KOI 326.01, an approximately Earth-sized planet orbiting in in the habitable zone of its star. There was much excitement; one astrophysicist even calculated the value of the new planet as exactly $223,099.93. But when an innocent fact-checker's question sent one of the researchers back to look at some figures, she noticed that the star's brightness was listed incorrectly in a reference catalog, throwing the planet's properties into doubt. After jiggering the calculations, the Kepler team now says that KOI 326.01 is neither Earth-sized nor in the habitable zone, and may actually be orbiting a different star. The Kepler researcher says "We'(TM)re seeing the scientific method playing out in real time."

While this news is a bit of a downer, Kepler is just getting going, and it's expected to find many, many more Earth-like planets."

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+ - Gets $10k for Uncensored Internet-> 1

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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes: "Uncensored access to the Internet can overthrow dictators and aid the creation of free societies. This has been shown by recent events in North Africa and the Middle East. Whether in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya — the revolution is inseparably linked to free communication and unhindered access to independent news and media.
Till today the project has been graciously financed by private donations from supporters. Now, founder Moritz Bartl and his team have partnered with Access Now. has received a $10,000 US Dollars grant from Access Now that allows for a major capacity upgrade as an immediate tech response to support freedom movements all around the globe. This makes the largest operator on the Tor network."

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