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Comment: Re:The worst thing... (Score 5, Insightful) 575

by svanheulen (#45689421) Attached to: GitHub Takes Down Satirical 'C Plus Equality' Language
Why wouldn't they have that power? I have that power on websites that I own and operate. I never understand why people feel that owners don't have the right to manage their own website as they see fit. If you don't like the way they operate use someone else or, better yet, make your own website and host it on your own hardware.

Comment: Re:Lesson in software development (Score 1) 81

by svanheulen (#45180821) Attached to: Teachers Get 1 Week To Test Tech Giants' <em>Hour of Code</em>
The main problem with this isn't that it's so rushed. It's that most of the students that will be taught this are computer illiterate. It's always surprising to me how even young tech savvy people don't even know the basics of file systems, or the difference between a hard drive and RAM.

Comment: zero threat to the environment? (Score 2) 380

by svanheulen (#44902521) Attached to: Its Nuclear Plant Closed, Maine Town Is Full of Regret
I hear this a lot and I don't understand why everyone assumes this. Has no one ever heard of a thing called "law of conservation of energy?" Yes, it's true that the use of wind and solar don't (directly) create pollution but they remove energy from the surrounding environment. It's not the same threat we're used to but it is still a threat, and one that we don't yet know the long term effects. I'm not saying the wind power is a bad thing, but saying it "pose[s] zero threat to the environment" is false.

Comment: Re:How do they know they need to update? (Score 1) 454

by svanheulen (#33821498) Attached to: Best Buy Unapologetic About Charging For PS3 Firmware Updates
Games have the firmware they need on the disc. If you try playing it on a lower firmware version it asks to update just like if there's a new update online. But if they only use it for playing movies and have no internet, you're right, they will have to update some other way when they come out with new Blu-ray profiles.

Comment: Re:How is this different from ... (Score 1) 454

by svanheulen (#33821394) Attached to: Best Buy Unapologetic About Charging For PS3 Firmware Updates
You don't need a network connection. Try playing a game that requires a new firmware. Same thing: Do you want to update?, yes, done. I suppose if you only use your PS3 for a Blu-ray player, have no internet and get a movie that requires an update to play for some reason then this service might be useful to you.

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