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Comment Re:Full Article (Score 3, Informative) 206

About your AD comment, it's been brought up, but AD isn't the be-all-end-all of security.


"One major drawback to switching authentication modes is audit trails. AX and SL have made the move from SQL auth to Windows Auth. In doing so, they destroyed the audit trail at the database level. All DB updates are made by one user making it a massive challenge to determine who made a change to financial data. Many of the AX and SL companies we work with get dinged for this in each audit."

Comment Re:Not the first time Dells have underperformed (Score 1) 314

I had the same problem on my dell laptop. I *think* it was caused by a bad thermal sensor, because once I maxed my processor @ 100% for about a minute, it would switch to 800Mhz mode and *never* come back up to 1.4.

I did finally disassemble the board, but couldn't seem to locate the bugger.

Comment Re:Do not give LaCie your money. (Score 1) 311

Not to mention that the case itself was poorly designed. It was solid aluminum with no fan, but the aluminum was too far away from the drives, creating a nice little oven for the poor 500GB drives inside.

We lost FOUR out of FIVE in under two years. The only reason the fifth didn't fail was because it was in a freezing cold server room.

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