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Comment: Re:Negative mass- not antimatter, but odd (Score 1) 214

by suutar (#47478909) Attached to: Cosmologists Show Negative Mass Could Exist In Our Universe

The sum of energy being zero does not mean either particular component is zero. +apple can have scads of energy as long as -apple has negative scads, and transferring some +apple's energy to the wall does not change the total energy in the system. It does probably mean that -apple will catch up to and pass +apple, at which point the acceleration will be in the other direction but the exact behavior depends on relative speeds because that affects distances. (I'm ignoring the effect of gravitational interaction between the wall and -apple because the apples are going too fast to stay near it, and I'm ignoring -apple's impacts on +apple and the wall because someone above was saying that since negative matter isn't likely to have electrons it's not likely to have any trouble just sliding through.)

Comment: Re:This is because.... (Score 1) 140

I think this would put a hefty dent in the existing problem, but it brings up a new problem of what're they gonna do for a living during those 10 years? I haven't come up with a viable answer for that; all the income sources I can think of come down to: regulated industry - that's what we're trying to prevent; government (pension) - turns the job into a vacation factory (work for FCC for a year, get 10 off); nonregulated industry - best case, but depends on them having enough skills that aren't focused on how the regulated industry works. *shrug*

Comment: Re:Of, For, and By the People (Score 1) 140

Why would they want to? Comcast can get a lot more done by throwing money at lobbying than by adding one more vote to the congressional race in whatever district they're incorporated in. Sure, I suppose if they were granted the right they'd have someone go cast that vote, but it's not important enough for them to actually work towards.

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