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Comment: Re:Not that good (Score 1) 170

by suutar (#46787859) Attached to: Heartbleed Sparks 'Responsible' Disclosure Debate

Indeed, who would review other people's code for free or for fun?

Well, right offhand, Coverity will. They're not perfect, of course, but they're pretty good. Their system didn't flag Heartbleed, but Heartbleed showed them how they could add a new test that would and that has reportedly found other possible issues, which are being investigated and will either be fixed or found to be false positives and used to refine the new test. Either way, not a bad thing.

Comment: Re:at&t wasn't welcome anyway (Score 1) 91

by suutar (#46781689) Attached to: Bidding At FCC TV Spectrum Auction May Be Restricted For Large Carriers

Do you as a taxpayer want to in effect provide free profits to Sprint or T-Mobile's shareholders - even if you don't use those carriers - because you think it's good that they are around to provide more competition?

Yes. Absolutely yes. I am pretty confident that in the long run that costs me less per year than if ATT owned all the spectrum.

Comment: Re:The Real Breakthrough - non auto-maker Maps (Score 1) 193

by suutar (#46770245) Attached to: How Apple's CarPlay Could Shore Up the Car Stereo Industry
indeed, and this will be one of the criteria I use for my next car. If I can't swap out the stereo, forget it. I realize I'm in the minority with that, and at some point there may be no new models with swappable stereos. At which point I fall back to a used older model that I can maintain :)

Comment: Re:Original premise is false (Score 1) 580

by suutar (#46761653) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?
I dunno. Coverity can catch a lot of stuff (in fact, I recall reading that they had to limit what they caught on the basis of what they could explain to the programmer, because confusing the programmer led to incorrect 'false positive' decisions). I don't know if it would have caught this, but it would be worth trying.

Comment: Re: Cool ... (Score 1) 256

by suutar (#46704773) Attached to: Navy Creates Fuel From Seawater
Yeah, but everyone keeps saying the benefit of liquid petroleum fuel is ease of transport, fueling, and energy density. If we can get the total energy expenses down to parity with long distance electrical transmission, we can get much of the best of both worlds: reduced net carbon emission (because you're sucking it from the air, not the ground), fast fill ups, and not as much need to beef up the energy grid.

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The only part of the DMCA complaint that is under penalty of perjury is the person doing the filing claiming they are an authorized agent of the purported complainer. I, as a non-Sony employee, could not issue takedown requests in Sony's name (probably because folks might deliberately file bogus requests in order to make Sony look dumb. Er). The rest of it is all on "good faith belief" basis, which is nigh impossible to disprove. In particular "our computer system says it looks like a match, and the system hasn't been shown to be totally ridiculously inaccurate yet" qualifies, so far at least.

Now, the rebuttal to the complaint, that is if I recall correctly under penalty of perjury. But the takedown request is utterly safe to file.

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