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Comment: Re:No support for dynamic address assignment?!? (Score 2) 287 287

by suutar (#49973107) Attached to: IT Pros Blast Google Over Android's Refusal To Play Nice With IPv6

It doesn't; it's capable of picking out an address that doesn't conflict with anything else on the same segment. But then you don't know which address is Bob's phone and which is Fred's, so you can't tell who to fire for downloading cat videos.

Comment: Re:choose what standard to violate (Score 2) 232 232

by suutar (#49947463) Attached to: June 30th Leap Second Could Trigger Unexpected Issues

one of the links from that page talks about how using custom timezone files you can use non-leap seconds and still translate to accurate real-world values. I'm not terribly familiar with time keeping protocols; installing ntp and pointing it at a server is about as far as I can manage. Do you see a problem with the approach laid out at "Correct precision handling of leap seconds using code already on POSIX systems "?

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