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Comment Re:Illegal phone running (Score 1) 124

https://www.law.cornell.edu/an... indicates that the protection is against testimony. I assumed (but did not clearly indicate) that they already know you have a diary in a lockbox, and in fact where the lockbox is, at which point what they need is a warrant, not your testimony. If they don't know about it, then you telling them about it would be testimony.

That said, the phrasing I originally used was based on http://lawcomic.net/guide/?p=2... and the discussion on previous pages, and could probably be expressed more precisely.

Comment Re:Illegal phone running (Score 1) 124

Doctrine about the 5th amendment is that the government is not allowed to force you to create evidence (by speaking or writing in answer to a question). It is not considered to protect already existing evidence (your diary in a lockbox). There's been a kerfuffle lately about whether requiring you to decrypt some already existing piece of data constitutes creating evidence or merely accessing existing evidence. However it is not inconceivable that an actually accurate mind reader could be considered "accessing existing evidence", just like reading your fingerprints, dna, or blood content.

Comment Re:OT Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

yep. But unless you can point to a name for the relationship based on a quadratic equation (I haven't found one), I figure following the trend of "the relationship is named after the equation" is the way to go, because "exponential relationship" has a specific definition, which is that the variable is in the exponent, not the base.

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