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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 127

no. The DMCA requires that the submitter of the complaint be a copyright holder or an agent of a copyright holder (that part has perjury penalties to deter pranksters) and that the submitter have a good faith belief that the content infringes (which just means "someone/a computer algorithm told me it infringes and I don't know otherwise, that's my story and I'm sticking to it"). That's it.

Comment Re:PS4 Drive Replaceable (Score 1) 106

hmmm. NAS box in other room, usb dongle for ps4 that acts like a drive and uses network to communicate with actual drive... slower and less reliable, but gets the drives out of the way... now I wish I knew enough to try to build the thing :) Or at least to know what flaws I'm not realizing.

Comment Re:gee I wonder why all the need for secrecy here? (Score 1) 288

I'm not aware of a law saying that the results flatly cannot be released, and what I've heard of the previous judge's ruling doesn't imply that ("would not be sufficiently anonymous" is much different from "not releasable for any reason other than recount"). Do you have a pointer to that law?

Comment Re:Wait, physics doesn't work either? (Score 1) 214

That's probably a better phrase, I agree. While the definition of "experiment", as I understand it, does include "set up a telescope and see what's there" (being "an act for the purpose of discovering") the common perception includes setting up equipment to ensure that what you're watching turns out to be interesting :)

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