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Comment Re:What is with the current trend of Profit=evil? (Score 1) 375 375

People see a difference between different levels of profit. Most folks see at least two levels - "okay" and "excessive". The border is subjective and situational, and usually based to some degree on whether the profiting entity is seen as harming others, either deliberately or accidentally, and also whether the profits are larger or smaller than previous years. Increasing profits for an entity perceived as having done harm get a lot of attention (BP after the gulf spill, for example).

So it's not as simple as profit=evil... but "the love of money is the root of all evil", so they do correlate strongly.

Comment Re: Looking more and more likely all the time... (Score 1) 502 502

as far as I know the skepticism started when early reports included the word "reactionless". I doubt anyone would have a problem with "microwave-emitting thruster"; lord knows we've heard enough about photon drives for that to make sense. But the early reports I recall were more like "microwave-induced magic", where the microwaves weren't supposed to leave the unit, just generate more thrust bouncing off one end than the other.

Comment Re:Scripts that interact with passwords fields aws (Score 1) 365 365

Yep, that use case is a potential weak spot for password managers. (I say potential because I consider it a plus - makes it less likely I'll enter passwords on a system I shouldn't trust - but ymmv.) When I have to do that I use the "forgot password" process, which is typically multi-factor (they send me an email or text, both of which I'll read on my phone), and make a note to reset the password once I get back to a safe system.

Comment Re:Correct ! Time is the big limitation (Score 1) 654 654

Where I used to live, there was a bus that went from about 2 blocks from my home to my office. It took twice as long as I could drive it and cost twice as much as I'd spend in gas (though, if I recall, it was a little cheaper than the car if I factored in the IRS standard cents-per-mile costs). If it had been free, I'd have been willing to deal with the extra time, but I couldn't see spending more time and more money.

From where I live now, I don't think there's even that convenient a path.

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