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Comment Re:Uh? How does the DMCA apply to an ISP? (Score 3, Informative) 100

The assertion (by BMG/RHM) is that Cox has not fulfilled the requirements for safe harbor, which include terminating the accounts of repeat offenders. Cox has replied that it takes action on every report of infringement and that in some cases they do wind up terminating access, but BMG/RHM are saying that's not good enough, and a Federal judge has ruled (as I understand it) that the assertion can go to trial, rather than being summarily dismissed as Cox requested.

Which I suspect means that this trial may wind up clarifying exactly what criteria define "repeat offender" for the purposes of the DMCA. Or, more likely, Cox will settle and then get really strict to avoid having to deal with this again.

Comment Re:What did I miss here... (Score 1) 76

the problem is that reading them to see if they're readable puts more wear on them. If you're ready to transfer the data to something else, that's fine, but if you're just trying to determine which to try first and which to not even bother, it's less useful (and possibly more time consuming).

Comment Re:Then what are they going to do with the extra t (Score 1) 242

I think the question is less "how can they stop compressing older stuff" and more "how are they going to reduce commercial time when there's no extra bits of actual show to use to fill time?" All I can think is that they'll reduce the ad slot in the middle of the episode and bulk up the one after the credits, when nobody pays attention anyway.

Comment Re:Nailed it (Score 1) 291

because a problem with a couch is much less likely to be either dangerous to life/limb or expensive to business processes, is my guess. All the cases where software security (heck, IT security) is getting significant press are cases where it's potentially lethal (medical stuff, cars) or expensive (in money or some other prized commodity, like privacy... but mostly money)

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