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Comment: Diablo I & II (Score 0) 75 75

What's amazing to me is that Diablo I & II (1996 and 2000 respectively) still are selling at $20 (half retail game prices) in places like Target, Gamestop and they are apparently still selling according to employees. I mean they are great games, but obviously they have an unprecedented staying power in the game industry that no other game has had.

Comment: Re:1993 called (Score 1) 51 51

They want their headline back. Mary Schweitzer already made the same discovery in 1993, and she's been fighting for more than 2 decades to get her findings past the "consensus" that such long preservation was impossible. It seemed like she had gotten her findings verified again by 2000 but I guess it's still only now becoming generally accepted. Really unfortunate it can still take that long for a major discovery to become accepted.

The only reason this is news now is because of the Jurassic World release. Note that 1993 was when Jurassic Park was released.

Comment: Debunking the debunker (Score 4, Interesting) 172 172

I don't work for the company, but to give some support of the claim that some electronics stop working at 1.3V. I've removed a lot of "dead" batteries from kids electronic toys and when testing them with a volt meter found that many of them were still putting out between 1V and 1.4V. I save anything that is over 1V because I sometimes use them with hobby electronics projects. Sometimes its only one battery in a set that has died as well, but of course that can just be fixed by finding the dead battery and only replacing that one.

My question about the batteriser is if its reusable or not. Also, I could see this thing causing quite a few more battery leaks than usual.

Comment: Re:Does it affect the Linux client? (Score 2) 225 225

Well of course it doesn't affect the archaic version of Skype provided for Linux as a courtesy by Microsoft.

Seriously though, just tested it, it doesn't seem to be affected. The nice thing about how it works in Linux is that you can just backup your .Skype folder beforehand and restore it if there is a problem.

Comment: The future of MIDI (Score 4, Informative) 106 106

One might be thinking right now: MIDI? Wasn't that what my dad used to listen to music?

However MIDI has proven to be quite adept as a protocol and file format being now 30+ years old with only a few minor revisions. This year some major improvements are being announced with the release of MIDI HD Protocol, which will allow for more control and expressiveness as well as network connectivity and will
be MIDI 1.0 compatible. So in the future you may be able to use your Android phone's touch screen and accelerometer as a MIDI controller.

Comment: Re: And what good would it do? (Score 1) 447 447

You seem to argue pilots are somehow exempt from all this invasion of privacy that every person has to deal with every day. Why are pilots special cases? Bank personel is camera recorded. Bus drivers are camera recorded.

Because bus drivers don't drink vodka while driving.

Comment: Kids probably less safe in CPS care (Score 1) 784 784

The kids are probably less safe in CPS care.

About 15 years ago there was a case where a professor at the local university had her son taken by CPS because she tied her son's hands behind his back to prevent him from continuing to hit himself intentionally. He had some kind of condition that caused him to inflict harm on himself and she was trying to help protect him. Anyways, while under CPS care, the kid died because essentially CPS didn't take care of him properly. Whether or not you think that the mother took care of the child properly, you can't dismiss the fact that CPS didn't know any better.

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