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Comment: Re:This does not affect only Android... (Score 2) 214

by surprise_audit (#38423466) Attached to: BT Sues Google Over Android
According to Fosspatents on, one of BT's claims includes: "Following a login or the transmission of an authentication token, Google "offers the list of items that the user is entitled to access", and retrieves any such items at the user's request." Doesn't that pretty much cover *any* web server where you login to gain access to whatever your account entitles you?

Comment: Re:Hobbit Monitor - aka - Xymon (Score 1) 342

by surprise_audit (#28632977) Attached to: What Would You Want In a Large-Scale Monitoring System?
I like Hobbit/Xymon too. I had it running for about 8 years quite happily on an old DL380, single 733MHz cpu, 512Mb memory. I think the peak traffic it took was about 3500 status messages for 500 hosts. Almost all the messages were generated by scripts running on the server, grabbing web pages from all those hosts.

Comment: Re:Where To Pay the Tax? (Score 1) 326

by surprise_audit (#23013234) Attached to: California Lawmaker Proposes Music Download Tax

every business with a Web presence will have to incorporate 50+ different tax rules based on customer location

This has come up before, with Internet-based catalog sales. IIRC, there's more like 7,200 different tax rules to apply. Certainly around here there are different city tax rates in the nearby cities. My wife is looking into starting a small store, and as we're outside the city limits she would only have to calculate the state sales tax and not state+city sales tax.

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