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Comment This smells to me... (Score 1) 79 a carefully worded statement designed to be strictly factually correct to remove the stink from CMU, but that there is probably mostly truth in the original story. Just the wording of their statement seems so carefully selected that you just know the reality is that they did do it, but not exactly the way they are defending their selves. So they can sound innocent when they probably are not.

Comment Now the FCC just needs to... (Score 1) 173

Now the FCC just needs to address egregious cell phone charges and egregious internet/ISP charges and TV/Cable company charges. Why should we have to pay extra for HD? Or for a cable box when we're already paying for cable? Why is the internet cost without TV from my cable provider like 80% of the cost of basic cable alone? And what about all those junk taxes, fees, charges, recovery fees, etc.? It's a huge set of scams.

Comment Honestly, this is good (Score 4, Interesting) 150

First Apple and now Google are pushing back on the US government, which is trying its hardest to spy on people. These companies are compelled to give up information, in secret, without warrants, due to PATRIOT Act and other government "intelligence". This has hurt business for Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others. It seems that they've decided that they are going to make it hard/impossible for the US government to steal their customers' data. Bravo to them.

Comment Lutz is an idiot (Score 3, Informative) 535

Lutz is an idiot, a blowhard. IMHO he's highly overrated. He laughed at hybrids when Toyota came out with the Prius. A few years later GM was wildly scrambling to catch up with THREE different hybrid systems (two have failed and one is no market winner) - the "mild" hybrid a la Malibu, the "two mode" hybrid for big SUVs, and the Volt. The first two are already out of production.

Lutz also led the development of the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky sports cars, which looked great but were crap cars that also failed in the market.

You can pretty much ignore whatever he says.

Comment I don't understand (Score 1, Insightful) 152

I mean, has Google ever said it's results are "fair". And of course if you pay for advertising your "sponsored" results should show up more! Seems to me that MS packages Bing, and Cortana, in their OS! Isn't that unfair, too? Apple doesn't allow FaceTime on Android. Isn't that unfair? Canon has chips in their ink cartridges so that you buy from them - is that unfair? Why can't India just go use Bing or something else if they don't like it?

Comment You know it's not going to work (Score 4, Insightful) 260

It's like guns in the US. If they were outlawed then those who don't care about the laws would still use them. Encryption is out there, it is widely available. And the more that governments try to block it the more determined companies and individuals will find more convenient ways to use it. It's a lot of bluster but not very practical. And ultimately (IMHO) the availability of rapid communications does more to help humanity than to hurt it.

Comment Re:Offshoring (Score 1) 173

Barbara Mikulski (Democrat) tried to restore funding with an amendment. But it failed along a party-line vote (Yes - Democrats; No- Republicans). So the Republicans who are supposed to be pro-business and anti-government are opposing the business upstart and supporting the big expensive players and the Russian services. NOT along bipartisan as you seem to indicated. Do you work for one of these big aerospace companies?. Quote from

"Mikulski's amendment would have added $300 million for commercial crew above the subcommittee's recommendation, bringing it close to the requested level. She also sought to add funds for NASA programs in science ($96 million above the subcommittee's recommendation -- $46 million for WFIRST and $50 million for Mars 2020), space technology ($54 million), and the Orion spacecraft ($50 million). The NASA additions were part of an overall $2.784 billion increase Mikulski sought for various activities in the CJS bill. The amendment was defeated by a 14-16 party line vote."

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