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Comment: Amazon has really been a stealth company (Score 5, Insightful) 83

by surfdaddy (#49546237) Attached to: Amazon's Profits Are Floating On a Cloud (Computing)
They started as a bookseller, then moved slowly into other merchandise. Now they are eating the lunch of all sorts of brick and mortar stores. Then they went into cloud services and are grabbing that market. And now they are producing their own entertainment a la Netflix. They are a force to be reckoned with.

What is probably the saddest is Microsoft. Their two biggest cash cows (Windows and Office) are under tremendous pressure. And they really have trouble innovating in ways that are replacing that income. They chase everybody else, late to the game: mp3 players, search, cloud services, online email, smartphones, etc. Their constant focus on Windows over the Ballmer years really blinded them to all else that was an opportunity in the computing world. And so companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google are there instead.

Comment: It's obvious (Score 3, Interesting) 338

by surfdaddy (#48451465) Attached to: LinkedIn Study: US Attracting Fewer Educated, Highly Skilled Migrants
It has been obvious for some time that the US is on the decline. As a worker in the late stages of my career, I find that saddening but I don't know what we can do about it. In the 60's it was all about technology and progress and science. Kennedy made a speech where he asked where the US would get all the Engineers that would be needed for the future. Nowadays it is all about financial instruments and inventing ways to manipulate the numbers to look like you have more money than you do. And it is also about rejecting science when it doesn't agree with your religious leanings (sort of sounds like some other religions in other parts of the world, doesn't it?). I don't personally see the will in this country to continue the leadership into the future. It will probably take a generation or two, but then we will be another Spain or UK which was once a dominant world power. Let's just hope that the next big power is benevolent, or it is likely not to be very pretty.

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