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Comment Just think of the healthcare (Score 1) 89

...and the government wants to move to e-records for your healthcare. So far I've been compromised with the Target breach, the Home Depot breach, the TMobile Experian breach. The government has been breached many times including this one to the tune of millions of people. You have to assume that your information is out there already. I'm not keen on moving to those electronic health records...

Comment This is not surprising (Score 5, Insightful) 120

IMHO Verizon is right up there with Comcast in being one of the most despicable companies in the US. They bought spectrum from the FCC promising to keep it "open" but don't approve non-Verizon devices until tons of "testing" that can take a year. They are the ones who started fighting any net neutrality. And then they (according to this post) enable spammers. Because as a huge ISP, paying attention to real technical details might be too....time consuming and profit-leaching...

Comment Verizon is not a wonderful company (Score 3, Insightful) 39

They bought spectrum which is the property of the people, agreeing to use it fairly. Yet they prohibit devices on their net and require them to go through long "testing" processes that can take up to a year - on devices that have two year shelf lives. They are also against net neutrality.

I figure if it is bad for Verizon, it is good for the public in general.

Comment Not a surprise (Score 2) 265

If you listen to the Security Now podcast, this sort of thing is all over the internet. It's a nasty place out there and actors from anywhere and everywhere are always checking addresses for vulnerabilities, etc. I suspect we all get that sort of thing.

Unless it is DDOS'ing you, why is it an issue?

Comment It's wrong because... (Score 5, Interesting) 294

...our generation has largely given up on science. We all reap the benefits but I find the level of science education to be abysmal. People can't distinguish between fact and fiction in news reporting and our wonderful government (many of them) don't want to believe *actual data* about things like global warming, etc. - because it's not "convenient" for their economic or religious beliefs. And of course some of those people become the reporters that report on these things, and they are ignorant, too.

It's really quite sad. We got to #1 in this world because of science, but we are turning into a society of cultish freaks who don't wan't to believe anything they don't like, regardless of the actual evidence.

Comment Lots of assumptions (Score 2, Insightful) 86

Well, we are carbon life forms and we are looking at the situation from our perspective. I would say the chances of these simulations being accurate are vanishingly small. Do we REALLY understand how and where life forms? Being carbon-based, is it really realistic to assume any and all life is like us, formed like us (even if our other assumptions about our own formation are correct)? At one time we thought we were the center of the universe, right here on earth. We also thought that Mars has always been dry, and we thought that Pluto would be a featureless cold world. And THAT's only assumptions within our solar system!

You can be pretty confident that this "detailed new simulation" isn't very accurate at all.

Comment You beat me to it (Score 2) 21

I was going to post something almost identical. Europe seems to be a bit schitzo on this - on the one hand the stridently demand privacy for their citizens and fault companies like Google, etc. But then they call for backdoors, making encryption illegal, etc. If it's a back door - do you REALLY think the "bad guys" won't find out about that and exploit them? That's a very dangerous game.

Today TLS is weak partly because of the weak ciphers used in our browsers in the early days, that are still there - because the US called encryption a "munition" (haha) so that they could restrict the export of the technology. So nowadays we all use encryption that is weak and exploitable - just so that governments can snoop.

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