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Comment: management is not the answer (Score 1) 184

by surfcow (#43942861) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Will IT Departments Look Like In 5 Years?

Management: IT is expensive - we can save money by OUTsourcing.
5 years later...

Management: IT is expensive - we can save money by INsourcing.
5 years later, Go to line 1 ...

Those of us who've been in IT for a while have seen this cycle through a few times.

After much reflection, I conclude that there is no such thing as competent management.

Comment: 2012 election (Score 1) 260

by surfcow (#42114247) Attached to: Prediction Market Site InTrade Bans US Customers

Tens of Millions of US dollars changed hands on Intrade when Obama was re-elected.

Seems that the many people in the "Fox Information Containment Bubble" thought is they would triple their money. The Obama supporters (and anyone who read 538) realized a 50% return on investment.


Wish I had gotten in on it in time. It's like a tax on stupid people.

Comment: I will pay (Score 0, Flamebait) 642

by surfcow (#42104021) Attached to: Hello, I'm a Mac. And I'm a $248 Win8 PC.

I will pay an extra $500+
for a well-designed & configured machine.
For a robust, stable OS.
For cheap OS upgrades.
For useful free apps - pages, numbers, etc.
For standards compliance.
For better than average HW, w/ excellent, reliable support.
For a good OBE.
For drivers that work the first time.
For a decent user interface.
For free, professional, in person help in every major city in the world.
For not wasting 200 hrs on configuration.
For a good API & Xcode.
For a useful command-line.
For smart standards & consistently.
For fighting entropy.
For letting me get stuff done quickly.
For a free HW swap within warranty.
For useful online documentation.
For a ridiculous resale value.
For BSD / Unix.
For superior security.

Comment: Bobby Fischer or Richard Feynman? (Score 1) 626

by surfcow (#41163831) Attached to: Study Shows Marijuana Use In Teens Correlates To Decreasing IQ

IQ, sure, yes.

How about Emotional intelligence? Sexual intelligence? Creative intelligence? Kinesthetic intelligence? Sensorial intelligence? Spiritual intelligence. ...

I suspect MJ has a positive impact on all of these. Would you rather be Bobby Fischer or Richard Feynman? The smartest guy in jail is ... still in jail. How about a balanced life instead?

Becoming the first Type A in your class to heart attack is no badge of honor. Leave that for another.

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