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Comment Re:Can the new buyer be worse than DICE? (Score 1) 550 550

Well... I guess that they could get bought out by someone like Microsoft or Oracle.

If you think that the stealth sponsored Dice posts are annoying now, just wait for the "10 reasons why you should upgrade to ProductX today! Number 7 will SHOCK you!" type product promo posts.

Comment Re:I've had issues with the Win10 NVIDIA drivers.. (Score 1) 316 316

Yeah, it's usually been a bad idea to let Windows update it's own drivers. They have a bad habit of downgrading things like Video drivers with older "Microsoft Certified" versions, and break/remove a bunch of features in the process.

Almost every other Windows version treats driver downloads as "optional" so they aren't automatically installed even if Automatic updates are on. Has this changed with Windows 10?

Comment Re:I find it intersting this article exist: (Score 3, Informative) 405 405

I have that Acer Aspire One with the same system specs as well. It's running Windows 7 fairly well, but even doing something simple like watching a Youtube or CNN video on it will bring the entire system to it's knees. It just doesn't have either the memory or the processing power to decode video with a decent framerate.

I guess that it would be fine if you used it for word processing with an old version of Word, but it simply cannot handle a modern web browser.

Comment Re:HALLELUIAH! (Score 2) 108 108

Yeah... I bet that the "New Earth" creationists will be touting this headline for years, even though they don't really understand most of the words in it.

They've been spouting doubt about carbon dating methods for years, and fall back to the "God CREATED it with age!" excuse if you're crazy enough to refute their claims with actual scientific information.

Comment Re:Let me duck that for you: bitcoin gift card (Score 1) 72 72

You've been able to buy gift cards with Bitcoin for years (I did it to unload my Bitcoin long before the taxman regulated it), but then you're probably stuck paying VAT again for your purchases.

So much for using Bitcoin as a tax dodge in that case.

Comment Re:Here's a bold idea... (Score 1) 212 212

I think that domestic software engineers should be paid more in general regardless of gender. That's my somewhat biased opinion, since I fall under that category. I don't want my kid to follow in my footsteps, since I'm not sure if there will be any well paying entry level jobs in this field by the time she graduates.

That said, offering bonuses or other incentives to get more diversity in the CS field wouldn't be a bad thing.

Comment Here's a bold idea... (Score 3, Insightful) 212 212

Why don't you try offering them MORE MONEY, and watch the problem resolve itself! It might not be cool, but classic labor Economics still works in the 21st century.

Of course, Microsoft (or any other big tech company) doesn't really have a reason to do that as long as they can get a bunch of cheap H1-B workers to fill the positions instead.

Comment Beware the killall command in AIX (Score 1) 377 377

I was trying to fix a broken backup process on an AIX box, and found that there were a ton of stuck Legato processes on the system. Rather than kill each one individually, entered the killall command to get the correct syntax to kill all of the processes with legato in the name.

In Linux, entering killall gives you the syntax on how the killall command works. In the old version of AIX this system was using, it killed EVERYTHING with no warning and basically rebooted the box. That's not usually not a big deal, except that this was the primary SAP database server for a Fortune 500 company. It took the DBA's about a day to clean up the mess.

The system was clustered, thankfully, but it probably cost about 10K in labor to clean up the mess.

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