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Comment Infosys (Score 1) 414

Ok, sure, it's anecdotal, but if we do want to talk about some measurement as silly as salary levels, I've gotten calls from recruiters trying to hire for Infosys in the US and the salaries they offered were at least %30-%40 lower than the market wages in the US. You can call it anecdotal, but Infosys is the largest outsourcing company in India. And now they are trying to prove that they local American workers are not available by pretending to try to hire locals at much lower wages.

Comment absolute,unequivocal bull shit (Score 1) 414

They still talk about absolute employee counts and salaries. Well, why H1B visas, then? Why not give them green cards instead? If they are legal resident aliens, don't make them indentured servants. They prefer indentured servants because indentured servants are more likely to cope with poor management (which is also the cause of more highering... poor management means longer working hours and less efficient organization in general).

Comment still only a half-measure (Score 1) 492

It's not about the money. Tech workers still make plenty of money compared to other professions. It's about work-place conditions. The 24 lachs figure that gets quoted (~$40,000) is a lot of money in India... much more than $150,000 in the US. It's about uprooting a family and forcing a deportation if the worker gets fired. This makes H1B visa an indentured servitude (even if it is well-paid). The only solution is to say that anyone who deserves an H1B visa should get a Resident Alien card instead (because it's what they are). Oh, and Resident Alien card isn't green color anymore. A person should not be afraid to go home after less than 10 hours of work lest he gets deported. If he gets fired, he should get unemployment benefits and look for a new job without begging for sponsorship. Otherwise, it's still indentured servitude. And as long as US workers are forced to compete with indentured servants on work conditions, they'll stay away from STEM career if they are smart enough to do anything else. That's why there is a shortage of local workers. It's artificially created.

Comment hmm (Score 1) 268

I guess that's why Amazon invented the cloud as a successful business model (as opposed to esoteric gedanken experiment which was IBM or even Rackspace) and NYTimes invented they myth that there are "real" journalists as opposed to bloggers. NYTimes will ruthlessly smear anyone if there is red meat in it and then when they are done chewing, they'll go out and do leveraged buyout of smaller papers... all the under the guise of fighting for social justice while supporting dictators abroad and the most corrupt of the politicians at home.

Comment Re:$4.3 billion == guaranteed failure. (Score 1) 186

Yes, I am definitely arguing that someone who can bring in a $4.5 billion contract which takes less than a billion to fulfill is, in fact, someone who deserves their 30% billion dollar paycheck. If someone threw $3.5 billion in free money my way, yeah, I'd say they deserve their $1 billion finder's fee.

Comment Re:if the electric noise is detectable (Score 1) 391

You are not getting it. It's not about bandwidth. It's about latency. Correctly lost information requires round trip. If the drop rate is so high that it requires a few round trips, it can cause some of the info to arrive too late (even though a lot of the info would be arriving on average). Never underestimate the bandwidth of a truckload of backup tapes moving at 60mph on a highway, just don't forget it's latency.

Comment Re:$4.3 billion == guaranteed failure. (Score 1) 186

Good luck getting lawyers who could get a top government contract for $1000,000 a year. This is what top divorce lawyers will bill nowadays. Top Fed-contract requisition lawyers are probably asking at least 10x as much. But they could be asking 100x or a 1000x as much. Because they'd still be worth it if they return this much on their effort.

Comment Re:Why does ./ link to reviews from tech troglodyt (Score 1) 391

There is no ethernet cable in the world which is sufficiently bad, that there are enough retransmits for mere audio to stutter or stall.

Oh? Why not? Most people will be able to hear 1/50th of a millisecond of missing data. Regardless of bandwidth, if your transmission drop requires a round-trip re-request of data, the latency of the connection can delay the arrival of the data past the point where it is needed to be played.

Comment if the electric noise is detectable (Score 1) 391

that's enough. All it takes now is a few secret deals with high-fidelity audio manufacturers to intentionally degrade performance of their equipment when electric noise is detectable (even if it can be compensated for). The argument will then automatically become that you can't hear the difference because you are not using top-quality equipment in the 1st place. And then the manufacturers of the cables will be able to peddle it to everyone buying top-quality audio devices just because the devices will seem to need them. I am actually curious (no, I have not read the article) whether the cheap cables can still sustain the required rates. In other words, can they still sustain 1Gbps transmission between 1Gbps eth cards? Cat5e definitely CANNOT. It will top out at around 350-400Mbps. If these cheap cat6 cables have too much noise they can't guarantee 1Gbps. It may not matter to those using them with household devices, but it definitely matters to people have quality of service contracts which require them to pay when they can't supply a promised level of performance.

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