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Comment: Re:So I was sitting behind a Gbus/Fbus on 85 today (Score 4, Informative) 692

Except for the fact that there is no city bus that runs from San Francisco or Berekely to Mountain View, so the competition would be with CalTrain which is owned by Amtrak. As for Bus service, anyone who does the SF - South Bay commute will be familiar with Bauer's busses and they are a private company doing exactly what you are saying can't be done. So, the whole "can't compete with gubment" thing is a bit stupid in this context.

Comment: Re:Good to see intelligence rewarded for once. (Score 1) 241

If the GP had children of their own, would they not know what children are like? Thus, if they do not know what children are like, they clearly have none of their own. And, yes, I have intentionally posted something redundant in order to point out your redundancy.

I know quite a few parents who have no idea what children are like. You presume a level of interaction with ones spawn that is not necessarily present.

Comment: Re:Mandatory gun ownership (Score 3, Insightful) 694

I think there's something to this, but I think it should be an annual hunting trip. The kids will actually have to kill something, clean it and eat it. Might even have the side benefit of helping people understand that meat doesn't originate in the grocery store.

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If you're worried about it, I'd suggest not using g+ to log into sites that don't require it. Also, just stop using any web service that doesn't respect the privacy rights you require. In fact, I see a business opportunity right there - you should build a google/facebook/whatever competitor that is totally private and secure and doesn't track anything - people will flock to it and you'll make money hand over fist, i'm sure.

Comment: Re:cold fusion fraud again? (Score 1) 580

by supervillainsf (#41709291) Attached to: Scientists Turn Air Into Petrol
I know, right! I was so suprised when I found out that our grid in the United States was powered by one big plant in the middle of the country. And even more suprising is that it is fueld by the bodies of all the uninsured people we heartlessly let die on the front steps of our hospitals. But then again I guess that explains the constant black outs we experience here. Dumbass!

Comment: Re:Well, that explains it (Score 5, Funny) 288

by supervillainsf (#41611261) Attached to: Counterfeit Air Bag Racket Blows Up

I don't RTFA, but there's not a single thing in TFS saying the "counterfeits" are defective or dangerous. Indeed, no one's been hurt. Sounds like it's just a case of trademark infringement, a practice that usually saves the consumer money.

Let me translate your post:

"I got really poor marks in reading comprehension and am way too lazy to actually click on a link and spend a whole 2 minutes of my life reading something that isn't distilled down to LCD levels, but I really felt the need to post something that demonstrates my bias"

Thank you for posting I am a better person for reading your intelligent comment.

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