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There's an app for that  *Wednesday July 01, 2009 @04:24AM 1 5, Funny
   attached to Some Overheating 3GS iPhones Glow Pink
Re:WMA/AAC  *Thursday September 22, 2005 @07:11AM 2 0, Redundant
   attached to Dell Launches Flash Music Player
Re:But WHY?  *Sunday July 17, 2005 @08:16AM  2
   attached to Rise of the Professional Blogger
The rise of the blogs  *Friday July 01, 2005 @08:16PM 1 5, Funny
   attached to 2005 Looks Like Record Year for Net Growth
If it's worth it...  *Thursday March 10, 2005 @12:30PM  2
   attached to Open Source Tax Products?
Oh the humanity....  *Tuesday November 16, 2004 @11:29AM  3, Funny
   attached to Computers Linked to Glaucoma?
Watch network traffic go up  *Friday November 05, 2004 @06:56AM  3, Interesting
   attached to Microsoft Opens Access to Vulnerability Notifications
Re:I'm a bit of a maths dunce but  *Thursday September 16, 2004 @09:50AM  2
   attached to Google's Math Puzzle
Heresy  *Sunday July 11, 2004 @08:44PM 1 4, Funny
   attached to The iPod Gets WiFi, Sort Of
Update system  *Thursday July 08, 2004 @05:50PM 5 5, Insightful
   attached to Mozilla/Firefox Bug Allows Arbitrary Program Execution
Re:What's the point?  *Thursday July 08, 2004 @05:56PM  3, Funny
   attached to Videogame Speed Running Speeds Up A Notch
Substitute...  *Wednesday July 07, 2004 @11:08AM 2 3, Insightful
   attached to The Political Games Surrounding Video Games
Faster != better  *Wednesday July 07, 2004 @08:57AM 2 5, Insightful
   attached to Is The 6-Month Product Cycle Upon Us?
Taking a rule of thumb too far...  *Thursday May 27, 2004 @03:06AM 1 4, Funny
   attached to Fermilab Builds 500-Megapixel Camera
Implementation issues  *Monday May 05, 2003 @07:17AM  1
   attached to E-mail Tax As Way Of Preventing Spam
Market Perception  *Monday May 20, 2002 @08:58AM 2 1
   attached to Nintendo Drops GameCube Price to $150
Shaky start on a risky road...  *Friday May 17, 2002 @08:53AM 3 3, Interesting
   attached to FF XI Goes Live in Japan
Now if only...  *Thursday May 16, 2002 @10:48AM  1
   attached to Verisign Ordered to Stop Deceptive Renewal Notices
Over-Design  *Thursday May 16, 2002 @09:45AM  2, Insightful
   attached to Bitter Java
Great, I can write on my ...  *Thursday May 16, 2002 @08:56AM  2, Funny
   attached to Prestigious Art Gallery To Exhibit Video Games
A bundle of paradoxes...  *Wednesday May 15, 2002 @08:51AM  3, Interesting
   attached to Handspring Treo 270 Leaked
Dead but refused to admit it...  *Wednesday May 15, 2002 @07:49AM  4, Interesting
Ethics?  *Wednesday May 15, 2002 @07:27AM 1 2, Interesting
   attached to Napster Execs Resign, Company Appears to Teeter
Original?  *Wednesday May 15, 2002 @04:39AM 3 4, Insightful
   attached to Atari Announces an Official Portable 2600 System

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