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Comment: It's not about Copyright, it's about control... (Score 2) 318 318

So you want to hear music, what would you like to listen? Good music that isn't owned by RIAA? Goodnes gracious, no! Listen to the latest boxed artificially flavored crap from Britney Mandy Simpson. Or whatever. Or listen to the rebellious millionaires who sing about being depressed.

What! There's a way for people to access music we can't sell them and don't want to re-release? NUKE IT FROM ORBIT!

It was never about copyright, it was always about control. If the album you want to listen is not on the record stores, it's on purpose because it has ceased to make revenue to the "publishers" ( forget about the 1% they give to the artist). If you happen to have it in your HDD, and you share it with people, it's not costing them sales money, it's costing them brain space in you. If you make your musical taste on your own, without the bombardment of the coporations, radios, TV, movies, etc, YOU ARE DEPRIVING THEM OF THEIR FUTURE REVENUE.

Old music is what people will always listen and remember, and are willing to pay for. It's better if they can only get it for free. How many albums have The Beatles sold between 1960-1970, and how many after that? I'm betting more after and will keep rising, quality never rots. But how many albums will B.M.S. sell in 5 to 10 years? Obviously, not counting the OD or DUI death or whatever.

The Corporations want to control what you can consume. So they are limiting your access to it.

Comment: Re:Doomsday situation (Score 1) 361 361

Sure, charge it into my credit/debit card. What? No Posnet?. Ok, then i'll write a check. Can't call the bank to verify it? Ok, i'll go to the ATM. What? No ATM?. Ok, i'll go into the bank and ask the human teller to give me the cash. What? No system?. How am I supposed to pay for it? Unless of course I get some bottlecaps... (Cue in The Ink Spots's 'Maybe').

Comment: Re:It's government corruption. (Score 1) 785 785

I think the point we're all tryng to make is that the higher the bribe, the higher the official, the greater damage it causes. If I bribe a $25 DMV clerk, I might kill a few people in an accident. If I bribe a $1 billion dollar president, I get to kill Iraqis and Afghanis by the truckload (though indirectly), not to mention the return money from my "oil revenues". It's the same here, instead of buying a Judge for $10.000 and getting over twenty times that amount in return, I bribe the DOJ for about a hundred times that, then I get (20x100) two thousand times that in return. Thus: 1. Bribe a Judge 2. Bribe the DOJ 3. PROFIT!

"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house." -- George Carlin