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Submission + - Cdn Gov't Appoints AGW Skeptics to Science Boards

sunwukong writes: The Conservative government of Canada has appointed prominents skeptics of anthropogenic greenhouse warming (AGW) to federal science funding bodies.

Already alarmed over funding cuts to basic research, scientists say two appointments in particular are worrisome. Mark Mullins, the executive director of the conservative-leaning Fraser Institute — and a former adviser to the Canadian Alliance Party — was recently appointed to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), which funds university research projects that have included studies on climate change.
On the same day Dr. Mullins was appointed to NSERC, April 23, another skeptic of global warming was appointed to the board of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, which funds large research projects. John Weissenberger is a close friend of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a former chief of staff in the Harper government and a geologist who works for Husky Energy in Alberta.

This isn't the first time this government has made such "strategic" appointments and it certainly is a curious coincidence with cut in operations funding for the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences.


Submission + - Warner cancels Canadian Promos due to Piracy

sunwukong writes: Warner Brothers has decided that Canada is such a force in the world of movie piracy that they have cancelled all public promo screenings of their upcoming movies.

"The newly enacted policy represents the studio's response to the lack of legislation in Canada to curtail the growing wave of camcorder-shot ("camcorded") films being trafficked around the world," Warner Bros. said in a statement.

Submission + - Blackberry Network Down

sunwukong writes: Numerous sites are reporting the Blackberry network is down — something wrong at RIM. Great, now I'll have to deal with (more) zombies than usual during the morning rush ...

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