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Comment: Re:Backwards compatibility (Score 1) 497

by sunwukong (#43036865) Attached to: Boeing Touts Fighter Jet To Rival F-35 — At Half the Price

Ah, good to see LM employees are keeping busy!

Seriously, maybe you should talk about what the F-35 can do now (i.e., no offensive capability) as opposed to what the brochure says.

IOC isn't even announced and you want Canada to wait?

At this point the flyoff is between actual production aircraft (e.g., SH, Gripen, Eurofighter, F-15SE, etc.) versus the LM F-35 brochure made into a pointy paper airplane.

Comment: Re:Summary: (Score 1) 227

Money also has value culturally, e.g., status. There are certain clubs and institutions where having a minimum amount allows consideration for admission,

There's also the matter about their kids -- not all of the brood are as driven or ambitious as the parents. How much do you need to make sure Jr III doesn't blow it all? It may be important if the little nipper has no skills and the parenting philosophy is the kids get used to living it up.

And yes, I do know rich families who intentionally raise their kids to only know/live the wealthy lifestyle.

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