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Comment Absolutely (Score 3, Insightful) 566

Doctors have a much lower threshold for diagnosis of "sick people" because if they miss anything, they can get sued for malpractice (founded lawsuit or not). Even if the lawsuit is completely without merit, most lawyers will settle instead of clearing the doctor with a full trial due to cost. So when the threat of lawsuit is over a doc's head, good medicine goes out the window and lawsuit-preventing medicine goes into full effect.

I realize not every doctor is actually good, and that they can make egregious errors and need to be corrected. Enact tort reform, cap damages, and actually encourage preventative medicine instead of paying lip service to it and you'll get lower costs and better yield for the non-sick 999.

I don't expect a doctor to start caring about the other 999 until that 1 possibly sick person can't sue him and take everything he owns.

Comment Re:dropped it in water (Score 1) 422

I was playing golf and my Nokia 6680 flew out of the cart somewhere along the course. Overnight, there was a thunderstorm, and so I wrote it off. I got a call from a guy the next day saying that he found my phone! Apparently, it wasn't working when he found it in a two-inch puddle on the fairway, so he dumped out the water, dried it off with a golf towel, and it powered right up.

Only damage happened when I took apart the screen to hair-dry the water out of it.


Submission SPAM: Songbeat Free Music Search

sepastian writes: The Songbeat Group just released the next version of their popular Songbeatplayer, a one-stop solution for free music. The player can be downloaded free of charge, streaming music is always free. After downloading 25 songs, unlimited downloads can be unlocked buying a registration key. Besides searching, streaming, and downloading music, Songbeatplayer has support for listening to and recording radiostations such as, automatic ID3 tagging, a discovery mode providing information about artists, concerts, where to buy tickets and much more. The current version supports Windows XP/Vista, versions for Mac and even the iPhone are scheduled for early 2009.
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Submission Free Password Safe (FPS)->

SF:catcalls writes: FPS has reached over one hundred downloads over the past month here at Source Forge. We, the creators of FPS, are delighted to see such promising results from listing FPS as a project. The download rates can only get better with each minor or major update - and there WILL be updates for FPS. Currently APO Networks are working on Audit software for XP / Vista and FPS has taken a back shelf ride. APO Networks are also working on a customer relations software package which also ties up any free time for FPS development. BUT! When we have the time we have many more ideas for FPS in the near future. Download v2.4 today for FREE and FUN and FUNCTIONAL. One click record creation and database output to printer...
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Submission Amaurote Source Code - actual 8-bit Spectrum code!->

StePickford writes: "Found in a shed, amongst some old 2000ad comics and a Dr Who annual, we've uncovered a print-out of the whole of the source code to the ZX Spectrum classic budget game Amaurote, published by Mastertronic in 1987.

Here are the first couple of pages. Proper z80 "machine code"!

Published as part of the Pickford Bros' daily 'Pic Blog'."

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