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Portables (Apple)

+ - Hey, You got VoIP on my iPhone! 8 Great iPhone VoI->

Submitted by sumj
sumj (1067838) writes "While AT&T has been fumbling around its decision to offer free iPhone calls over its Wi-Fi hotspots, several third-party developers have created applications designed to give you iPhone VoIP access today. In this slideshow, we'll introduce you to eight iPhone VoIP apps and look at how they can potentially save you minutes on your monthly iPhone voice plan."
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+ - DefCon nabs undercover TV reporter->

Submitted by
sumj writes "Defcon nabs undercover TV reporter It's a story of betrayal worthy of an episode of Dateline NBC. Dateline NBC Producer Michelle Madigan was publicly outed at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas Friday after show organizers were tipped off that she was trying to film show attendees with a hidden camera."
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