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Comment Re:Goodbye DICE Canada (Score 1) 34

Hi Mr. V. You're still putting "END COMMUNICATION" at the end of all your messages?

I worked at DICE Canada from the time they purchased the place until shortly after the Xbox launch. Considering how disrespectful DICE's management was to their Canadian employees, and the general cluelessness of DICE's top-level managers, I'm very happy I departed when I did.

Sandbox had a very talented Xbox/PS2 tech team in place when it was purchased. I'm still amazed at the tech and tools we where able to create from scratch in such a short period of time. DICE lost most of their key Canadian developers right after the Xbox launch, mere months after they purchased the studio.

They never even bothered to determine who was actually responsible for what on the team. They basically gave two guys at Sandbox huge benefits packages (in order to keep them around for a while as they thought these guys where the only key employees) and treated everyone else as expendable human resources to be worked all hours of the day until they dropped.

I heard DICE had to abandon the codebase around a year or so later. The few remaining devs couldn't understand or maintain it. They did manage to create several internal Xbox demos before the brain drain became critical, but they never could get the gameplay down right so the demos went nowhere.

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