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+ - No Microsoft products for EU offices?-> 1

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sulimma writes: "Two green EU parliamentarians raised the question whether Microsoft is still eligible as a vendor for the EU bureaucracy after being found guilty of non-compliance with a decision of the European commision (EC).

In a formal request to the EC they point out an article in the EUs financial rules that might ban Microsoft from public procurement procedures.

What would the consequences be if one of the largest bureaucracies of the world can purchase neither windows nor office?"

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+ - Smallest Double Slit Experiment->

Submitted by sulimma
sulimma writes: Scientists at LBNL showed that two protons and one electron are enough to build a double slit experiment. When adding a second electron the system starts to show classical particle behaviour although some quantum interference is still present. The experiments provides for essential insight into the transition from quantum to classical behaviour.
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