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Comment: Re:At Least It's Egier to Use and Less Glib (Score -1, Flamebait) 565

by sulfide (#27852023) Attached to: Debian Switching From Glibc To Eglibc

Linux just isn't ready for the desktop yet. It may be ready for the web servers that you nerds use to distribute your TRON fanzines and personal Dungeons and Dragons web-sights across the world wide web, but the average computer user isn't going to spend months learning how to use a CLI and then hours compiling packages so that they can get a workable graphic interface to check their mail with, especially not when they already have a Windows machine that does its job perfectly well and is backed by a major corporation, as opposed to Linux which is only supported by a few unemployed nerds living in their mother's basement somewhere. The last thing I want is a level 5 dwarf (haha) providing me my OS.

so true, all of it. good job

Comment: Re:Total Flamebait (Score 0) 165

by sulfide (#27278427) Attached to: Oracle's Take On Red Hat Linux
HAHAHA I work for one large enterprise that was recently swallowed by another.. Oracles support is a joke, 95% of the time they provide nothing useful other than drones that sit on the conference call hoping that someone else figures out the problem first. Support is just over paid warm fuzzies, and I'd rather see that fuzzy money go to redhat who does something useful with it, than larry's billion dollar estates.

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