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Comment: Sigh. Great reporting Slashdot! Woo! (Score 2) 327

by sudog (#41163657) Attached to: Large Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Collapses With a Loss of $5.6 Million

At the time I write this, pirateat40 hasn't even lost the best with Vandroiy. The final date for losing the bet is tomorrow at 5:00 pacific time.

And then after that, the next deadline is the day after.

And then after that, the next deadline is Sep 9.

It's *possible* (but admittedly a stretch) that he stated BTCST defaulted so interest would no longer accrue. But since the feds won't touch it until the money's been gone for like 30 days, and he just announced his "default" today, all you're doing is feeding into the panic and driving peoples' accounts straight into the hands of the risk-friendly debt buyers.

So, it's just a tad premature to say it's "collapsed" with a "loss" with a dollar figure attached. Just a little.

Comment: Re:A better name (Score 1) 298

by sudog (#39669815) Attached to: Canadian Mint To Create Digital Currency

It's called a diphthong and yes, the Canadian ear can hear it. We can tell it's a different phoneme from both the phonemes in around, and the ones in the actual "boot". It's the American ear that can't hear the difference, which is why when Canadians say it, the American ear translates it to the nearest sound they grok, which is the "oot" in boot, and why we sit there puzzled when Americans think we're saying "a boot".

Comment: Would love.. (Score 1) 112

by sudog (#35948404) Attached to: The Future of In-Car Computing

.. to share my car's data with everyone. Radar detector, geiger counters, WiFi scanners, everything. Everyone else can have direct access to this information, streaming, live, while they mesh with me on the road. I would love to be able to do that. Send them slip statistics pulled from ABS or traction-control triggering, how fast my windshield wipers are going, or just plain water collector sensors, airspeed (for crosswind detection in winter,) the whole kit.

I would love to be able to build a reputation system too: when I cut someone off, they can stamp me as a dangerous driver. When I let someone in, they can stamp me as a courteous driver. "Courteous driver ahead." "Jerk behind me." I can feel comfortable driving in the middle of a pack of "thumbs-up" drivers, or I can be more cautious when I'm stuck in the middle of a pack of ragers (or people who just refuse to participate, period.)

Comment: That writer is a jerk. (Score 1) 152

by sudog (#33477596) Attached to: The Many Iterations of William Shatner

That writer is a jerk.. Verbal sparring is not a pleasant way to spend a day, and it's not the best way to get someone to be honest with you. His interviewing skills even as he presents them need work, his writing is short, clipped, and irritating, and lacks rhythm and even a trace of poetry. He is also mildly cruel and says very inappropriate things at inappropriate times. I would never spend a day with someone like that.

Brutal interview. Bravo to William Shatner for dealing with him as he did. It's the only way to do it. He must have spotted him coming a mile away.

Comment: How retarded. (Score 4, Insightful) 96

by sudog (#32059844) Attached to: The Data-Driven Life

"Superintelligence" known as the cloud?

There's not even any need to read such tripe. In fact, I hate everyone who read that story after seeing the word "superintelligence" linked with "cloud."

There is no bound to the contempt writers of pieces like this should be shown, nor to all of the idiots who were involved in reposting it here.

Comment: Such balogna. (Score 1) 979

by sudog (#31092812) Attached to: When Will AI Surpass Human Intelligence?

Ask those guys what consciousness is, and what it means to be conscious. And ask them what our brains' quantum-scale structures' purposes are.

Not a single one of these guys will give you an answer, because humans don't have the answers yet. Once we can actually define these things, then we can start making these sorts of predictions. "Superhuman" intelligence indeed.. we don't even really know what human intelligence is!

Robots running around doing human tasks, flying cars, donut-shaped energy sources that power cities, and intra-solar space travel were all things people in the 1950s predicted, too, and how close to those are we now, now that we have better-defined the problems involved?

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