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Comment: Re:People Really Do That? (Score 1) 111

by sublime_stephy (#40755607) Attached to: Gadget Addiction or Work Intrusion?
no disrespect, your comments made me laugh a little out loud i guess.. but your right the system throws millions of new mindless products to us while simultaneously telling people to do more work? we're constantly fed distractions and commercials to re-direct our minds away from what's at focus i wouldn't say i completely agree with this story but I'm glad the author mentioned our handicap to the US political and cultural systems a topic that should be discussed on its own could it also be films like batman and spiderman that get our hopes up for technology that actually provides us with power, or better yet leaves us waiting for some super being to save everyone....

+ - Power of the Slashdot->

Submitted by
sublime_stephy writes "I'm brand new to this network and would like to get ideas circulating about how we can use SlashDot to its full potential! I'm noticing a lot of bright individuals on this network already and would love to get some feedback as to what people are using slashdot for and the resources it has to offer.

any thoughts?"

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+ - Best. Music. Ever. ->

Submitted by
RyanDJ writes "Ryan Johnson, Josh Hurley, Mark Del Rio | GoozerNation

The GN team is not afraid to answer those big questions that you sit around with your best buddies and argue for hours on end in the Best. Ever. series. Today, we discuss gaming music, with simply one question posed, any answer is allowed: Best. Music. Ever. Care to join in? Sound off in the comments!"

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Comment: 2 cent$ superheros (Score 1) 396

by sublime_stephy (#40753259) Attached to: What's Next For Superhero Movies?
Im just going to rattle off a few names, see if any of them get picked up by Disney or DC Comics...WarnerBros? Anyone? JugHead Jones, Lois Lane, Duck Tales, Ninja Turtles!! (would really like to see a new movie with them!) DangerMouse, Team America, Richie Rich, Cyclops, Archie + Veronica Lodge +Betty Cooper ... Thats all I got for now.... However, I honestly think main stream Cinema is due for a not-so-stereotypical/ just kickass minority Hero (BlackDynamite does not count..)

Comment: 2 cent$ on climate change (Score 1) 2

by sublime_stephy (#40753059) Attached to: The nuclear approach to climate change
There has to be a medium when considering nuclear energy will cure climate change - a balance between new technology and organic -primordial methods. Once we begin to strategize with native peoples from these countries then we will have more efforts at cleaner water supplies, healthy weather cycles, glacier stability, reduced carbon emissions and so on. Its difficult to believe that nuclear energy is the best solution in preserving the worlds natural livelihood.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"