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Classic Games (Games)

Journal Journal: xavier must die 4

i have to back up just a little. through the benevolence of another individual, both an xbox 360 and a playstation 3 have recently come into my possession. my benefactor shall remain nameless. even though this probably won't be read by that person, i'd like to state that i am deeply grateful.

but that's just background.

User Journal

Journal Journal: guitar hero takes out tigers pitcher 3

so joel zumaya has this horrible pain that stops him from being able to play baseball for a few games. the athletic trainers determine the symptoms are more in line with guitar players than baseball pitchers. the culprit turns out not that the tigers pitcher has been playing too much actual guitar, but mr. zumaya's love of the game guitar hero. story here by way of

Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: star wars books 1

i read star wars books. i started with things like i, jedi, and the timothy zahn books. a while ago i started reading a basic chronology starting just before episode 1. so far in this chronology i've read:

cloak of deception
darth maul: shadow hunter
episode 1: the phantom menace
rogue planet
the aproaching storm
episode 2: attack of the clones


Journal Journal: albums battle 1

my sister sent me a link to this battle of the bands movie that i thought i'd share here. it might not be safe for work if you work where people would be offended by the cover of nothing's shocking by jane's addiction or if you wouldn't like to have your coworkers see you watching something that strongly implies various sexual activities without actually showing them.

Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: likah [modern arnis] 4

this evening i had my level seven belt belt test, which is the first of four brown belts in modern arnis. the short version is that i rocked out. i knew the material forwards and backwards. my instructors also had me go through some stuff beyond my level, and i did pretty well with most of it.

i feel alright.


Journal Journal: a quick thanks 8

just a shout out to sielwolf for pointing me towards boxcutter. oneiric is available on emusic, apparently. this stuff is fantastic. it's like the techniques of venetian snares aplied to the mood of boards of canada. it's very purposeful in its composition, very much a cohesive point of view while managing not to get stuck constantly looking the same direction. i almost feel bad for using my free trial downloads to get it, feeling i should pay for good stuf


Journal Journal: comfort sound 4

i just love the way the amen sounds. it's like a comfort food for my ears that i just can't get enough of. i prefer that people do something interesting with it, but i'll listen to uses that are less inspired and still enjoy it. for me it's become an instrument.

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