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Comment May be different ruling in other statets (Score 1) 179 179

In some places you need permission of both parties to record a conversation. If a similar ruling was made in say Washington, then someone could "accidentally" call their friend and they could listen into a conversation that was intended to be private. Proving that the dialing was not an accident could be difficult.

Comment Re:Why do you let a computer choose the numbers? (Score 2) 217 217

A well programmed random number generator is going to be better than kind of "random drawing". The problem was the lack of oversight in having the code be submitted. Any code changes that would hurt the reputation of an organization this badly should require multiple sign offs by code reviewers.

Now, it is possible that this got past the code reviewers, in which case I either congratulate the fraudster for some real underhanded coding, or I accuse the code reviewers for being inept.

It is also possible that this came from the IT angle, in which case I congratulate the fraudster on being able to understand the code, the deployment process, and the steps to hide it all.

Comment I see this being used by the smaller streamers (Score 1) 50 50

The big streams already have a fan base. They know where to go, they are unlikely to risk losing a lot of viewers by moving.

On the other hand, the streamers who have a small viewership, whose list is mostly made up of new users, can defiantly benefit from the influx of having youtube suggestions that look just like normal videos that people will click. It will be a great way to establish a new user base.

Yes, there are stricter rules on what you can and can't do. You simply have to understand them and work with them.

Comment Re:Corollary: It's difficult to be "clever" in Jav (Score 1) 414 414

If your going to put in that hack, you might as well just include lombok into your annotation processing and just put @SneakyThrows everywhere. If only Java had gone with real generics like c#, we wouldn't have had all these erasure hacks.

Comment And they just added this to Amazon (Score 1) 124 124

I'm not sure how much "auto-reload" has caught on yet, but normally Amazon requires you reenter your credit card when you send a package to a new address, and if you have auto-reload on, it might not ask if you use your gift card balance. Amazon, does however have a good anti-fraud team which will delay or cancel suspicious orders.

Comment Re:Java (Score 1) 425 425

Programming in Java allows one to focus on higher level design, and not worry as much about memory management. This allows someone to more quickly program a piece of a large system. Business are often willing to sacrifice a great deal of program efficiency in exchange for fast development.

Comment Statistics (Score 1) 425 425

How does one measure how good someone is at programming? Even once you get past a A > B, you still need to assign a numerical score to them. You can get both the U shape and a standard distribution from the same sample by simply redefining how you assign numeric values to the data points. Another thing to note is that programming is a single skill. You don't measure a person's ability based on number of lines of code they generate per week. Some programmers are better at architecture, others at understanding existing system. Some can make really efficient linear programs, others can build fault tolerant multithreaded applications.

Comment Re:Honestly (Score 1) 126 126

Amazon doesn't have a way to verify that you bought your item off of Sears (not that I know of at least). If they did, they would probably mark your review as verified. The mark is only there to make it more costly to post fake reviews. Amazon allows "unverified" reviews to allow people to post information about items they didn't buy off of Amazon. It is up to each individual to make their decision as to the validity of them.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 677 677

Fortunately in Java you can write this without needing goto (Java disallows goto, for the reasons that is was harmful). So it seems like goto is needed due to a language limitation.
public int doSomeWork(Context context, int x) throws SomeException {
int rv = 0;
Database db = context.getDb();
//Do some work ...
Data v = context.copmute();
//Do some more work
if(v == null) {
break MoreWork;
//Do even more work
return rv;

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