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Comment This may not turn out well (Score 2) 127

Having been a long time player of the 1 vs 1 hearthstone game I can tell you that 80% of the time the emote button, which is the only way to communicate with your opponent, is often used in a negative way.

Some of the emotes are:

"Well played": Should be used to indicate a good move by your opponent of that you admit defeat. Often used to indicate "Give up I've already one"

"Thank you": Should be used to indicate a move by your opponent that was beneficial to you. Often used at the start to indicate "Thank you for the win I will get scrub"

"Hello": Should be used to indicate a friendly greeting. Often used to announce a play that swings the game in your favor.

If facebook simply allows any emotion for any post, people will associate certain emotes as "hate".

Laughing at misfortune.
Being sad at accomplishments: "You call that an accomplishment, that is sad"

No matter how friendly you make them, people will associate some actions as less than favorable

Comment What are they trying to solve here? (Score 2) 116

If it is true and there is a low expectation of survival, then it isn't very economical to clone for non-research purposes. Is this really a wide spread problem?

As much as having genetic diversity help in disease resistance, we already heavily do cloning on plants. Pick any species of apple in the super market and you will find that all the apples there are clones of each other even if they were grew in different places.

Comment Re:No Apple (Score 4, Informative) 99

You got what 98% or more of the desktop browser makers by usage in this club? Plus you have YouTube and Netflix on board for providing content. Even if no one else adopts this, it is enough to be both used and supported. The biggest hurdle is ensuring that it is at least as good as what is out there.

Comment Re:Artifacts (Score 1) 129

Don't confuse Legendary items with Artifacts (or for that matter Heirlooms).

Artifacts were originally a tier above Legendary. There is still a reference to them in the current game:
If your the group/raid leader type: /script SetLootThreshold(6) and you (along with everyone in the group) will see:
Loot Threshold set to Artifact.

You can normally only use the UI to set the threshold to Epic.


Comment Re:Artifacts (Score 1) 129

It sounds stupid looking back now. But, consider that MMOs weren't that well refined back then. Doing something like this would be perfectly reasonable in D&D, people just didn't understand that providing content to a very select few individuals wouldn't be looked upon nicely by the community. I wouldn't be surprised if EQ and UO did this, but may not have popularized it as much.

There actually is an item in the game that only one player across all servers in all regions has: Talisman of the Binding Shard (

This item was accidentally included on the loot table of a boss as part of creating a legendary weapon that was later redone. The player got to keep the item though as although it was powerful for the time, it wasn't overly so.

Comment Re:Artifacts (Score 2) 129

They are absolutely nothing like what was described back in the original wow days.
Then: A unique item that only one person per server could have.
Now: A leveling mechanic that allows you unlock bonuses different orders, but everyone will max out at or around when they hit max level. Definatly by the the top tier raid content.

The balance will generally be ignored as it affects only a small part of the experience. Any tweaks to them will be class balancing, treating artifacts as core abilities.

Comment May be different ruling in other statets (Score 1) 179

In some places you need permission of both parties to record a conversation. If a similar ruling was made in say Washington, then someone could "accidentally" call their friend and they could listen into a conversation that was intended to be private. Proving that the dialing was not an accident could be difficult.

Comment Re:Why do you let a computer choose the numbers? (Score 2) 217

A well programmed random number generator is going to be better than kind of "random drawing". The problem was the lack of oversight in having the code be submitted. Any code changes that would hurt the reputation of an organization this badly should require multiple sign offs by code reviewers.

Now, it is possible that this got past the code reviewers, in which case I either congratulate the fraudster for some real underhanded coding, or I accuse the code reviewers for being inept.

It is also possible that this came from the IT angle, in which case I congratulate the fraudster on being able to understand the code, the deployment process, and the steps to hide it all.

Comment I see this being used by the smaller streamers (Score 1) 50

The big streams already have a fan base. They know where to go, they are unlikely to risk losing a lot of viewers by moving.

On the other hand, the streamers who have a small viewership, whose list is mostly made up of new users, can defiantly benefit from the influx of having youtube suggestions that look just like normal videos that people will click. It will be a great way to establish a new user base.

Yes, there are stricter rules on what you can and can't do. You simply have to understand them and work with them.

Comment And they just added this to Amazon (Score 1) 124

I'm not sure how much "auto-reload" has caught on yet, but normally Amazon requires you reenter your credit card when you send a package to a new address, and if you have auto-reload on, it might not ask if you use your gift card balance. Amazon, does however have a good anti-fraud team which will delay or cancel suspicious orders.

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