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Comment: This happened to bungie a long time ago (Score 1) 329

by subanark (#48833817) Attached to: Steam For Linux Bug Wipes Out All of a User's Files

A very similar bug happened in one of Bungie's software (back when they made mac games) where an uninstall would delete more than just the game files. In response, they reissued new CDs and it was a massive cost to do so. This required they take out a loan and sell some stock, which ultimately resulted in Microsoft being able to buy them latter on.

Comment: Re:Be the Change You Wish to See in the World (Score 1) 438

by subanark (#48353311) Attached to: The Students Who Feel They Have the Right To Cheat

War bonds are an investment, but you could invest in more profitable areas. The war wasn't dire enough for a full volunteer tax, which might happen in a small community that is surviving some large scale disaster and would contribute whatever they can to help the community.

You might get more out of your tax contributions, but you don't get to choose which taxes you pay. Some of them probably don't help you at all.

Comment: Re:Be the Change You Wish to See in the World (Score 1) 438

by subanark (#48352987) Attached to: The Students Who Feel They Have the Right To Cheat

The problem with this statement is when others gain a significant advantage for you doing the things you state, but you don't.


"If you want the roads fixed then you pay for it, don't increase my taxes"

It is pretty rare for a volunteer tax system to work in all but the most dire of situations (e.g. war bonds).If an issue is a top importance for you, then yes, maybe you can go all the way and help, but for the rest of us, all we can do is cheap stuff like talk.

Comment: Re:Another nail in the coffin... (Score 1) 183

by subanark (#48338711) Attached to: Blizzard Announces Overwatch, a First-Person Shooter

To give an analogy: It is like saying that before you can read the latest x-men comic book you need to read all the ones going back to issue #1 decades ago. The comics back then are outdated, and all your friends are talking about the latest story arc. You want to see what all the hype is about... you don't want to invest a massive amount of time doing so.

Comment: Re:Another nail in the coffin... (Score 1) 183

by subanark (#48337575) Attached to: Blizzard Announces Overwatch, a First-Person Shooter

The program with having people go though the leveling experience is that it is old content, with old design, and new player mechanics that causes it not to vibe that well. Even if someone hasn't played WoW, they don't want to do stuff that is 7 years old.

Cataclysm attempted to correct that by redoing the original part of the game, but ultimately it ended up being a so-so investment, as only new people and those who wanted to level alts got to do that content, and blazed though it quickly.

What is the easy way to get new people to new content, while letting older people feel like what they have isn't being thrown away? Free level boost to the new content. 1 per account. However, this causes an issue where under the current system someone can buy another copy of the game with the expansion, and transfer their characters to the new account. So they simply cut this "workaround" and provide a rather expensive way to do it that is a bit cheaper.

Take off your ruby colored glasses and face the fact that as much fun you had getting a group together that managed to do blood furnance early in BC expansion, you forget the hour you spent getting a group together that had to include a warlock to keep all those NPCs feared that would otherwise overwhelm you. You want hardcore -- easy, do mythic raids, the day the are available. See if you can full clear the raid in under a month and join the world top players in fame.

Oh, and there is no flying in the new expansion areas.

Comment: Re:In a just world Weev would have a 9mm headache (Score 2) 728

by subanark (#48110857) Attached to: Why the Trolls Will Always Win

It is this kind of attitude that leads this behavior in the first place. Assuming you don't really mean "kill the bastard," but rather something more tame like "In a just world Weev would be laughed at his attempts to troll" I would still disagree with you. Vengeance is seldom a good answer. We can only hope that society will mature to the point where these antics are frowned upon, and end up having little effect.

Thank you for using GIFT, your opinion has been heard, filed, and will be forgotten.

Comment: Re:Most animals? (Score 1) 481

by subanark (#48068343) Attached to: Is an Octopus Too Smart For Us To Eat?

Sure there is an evolutionary reason not to eat your own kind. It just isn't strong enough to justify doing so in some cases.

Eating your own kind is more likely to get you sick, as if your victim has a disease, it is easier for it to spread to the same species than to a different one. Targeting competition isn't that bad, as it is much less likely to be sick, while hunting your own kind to get food is not as good as you are more likely to get the weakest member of the group, which is more likely to be sick. Many animals will avoid eating an already found dead animal for this reason, and you especially want to avoid eating one that is of your species if you didn't know how it died.

Comment: Re:"could help explain the origins of human confli (Score 1) 224

by subanark (#47943153) Attached to: Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

First, it is the "origin," not now. It gives us a what-if on human behavior.
Second, they can watch chimps do things to each other that would be considered an ethical violation if a study let humans act in a similar way.
Third, humans have been studied a lot, you have to be quite creative to get another ounce out of what is already in the literature. Chimps, not studied as much, so there are more opportunities to learn stuff.

Comment: Online only gives the illusion of accomplishment (Score 0) 292

by subanark (#47915413) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

The problem with non-online only games, is that you can't prove that you accomplished anything in it, since it is so much easier to cheat.

Yes, people can cheat in multiplayer games, but there is a sense that there is a limit to how much you can cheat, and you know that those that do cheat risk getting banned.

Comment: Re:How long until every stream links to Amazon? (Score 1) 61

by subanark (#47756599) Attached to: Amazon To Buy Twitch For $970 Million

>Bets on how long until that become a link straight to Amazon to buy said game, and how long until streamers become Amazon affiliates and start getting money for driving people to buy their games off Amazon?
For 1, it could easily happen. For 2, already happening. I see lots of streams put buy links to Amazon in their channel description.
IMDB (owned by Amazon) doesn't have buy links on their site from movies (at least none I could see), but it does have a stream on Amazon Prime.

>Because that's the only angle I can see Amazon having here: trying to get gamers to grab games off Amazon. (And they do sell digital game downloads, so they do compete with things like Steam.)
Buying games has a really small profit margin. Twitch allows Amazon to expand further into the gaming market itself. As for #2, you are right, but just to make things clear: a lot of games you buy from Amazon include a Steam key. Steam doesn't really use vendor lock in. You are free to generate an unlimited number of steam keys for your product at no cost, and sell those keys though any channel you want.

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon employee. Everything I said here is my own opinion, and guesswork. I do not work for the gaming division of Amazon, nor do I have insights into what they do.

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