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Comment: I'm in Grad School (Score 2) 390

by stuporglue (#46797989) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

I'm in grad school right now.

1) I know grad students who are struggling financially

There are at least two people in my program (of about 100 total) who I know personally who are struggling to make ends meet. Their families aren't well off and our program doesn't have funding. They're getting along OK, but they have to live very very tightly, skipping any extra curricular activities, not buying text books, and budgeting both money and food.

I assume that others may be struggling and I don't know it.

2) More of us miss out on things so we don't have to starve

A good number of us work full time or more to pay for things. I've had to not participate in school events both social and scholastic, including guest speakers and class outings. It is very difficult to see a teacher during office hours since I'm supposed to be at work.

I'm not missing out on food, but if food were available I might be able to work less and be more involved.

Comment: SelfOSS (Score 2) 287

by stuporglue (#43171713) Attached to: What's the Best RSS Reader Not Named Google Reader?

I wanted a web-based reader, and did some searching last night.

I decided I wanted to go with a self-hosted option, and found SelfOSS. It's light-weight, PHP5 and the code is very clean. It can use MySQL or SQLite.

It's a single-person reader, with one username/password supported.

You can see a live demo here:

The only downside so far is that with SQLite, the database locks when updates are running. This is fairly quick, but might be an issue for some people.

+ - Scientist Solve Spiral-toothed Fossil Mystery

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Fossil evidence has allowed scientists to reconstruct the Helicoprion, the ancient spiral-toothed fish. Scientists were able to answer questions like how that ancient beast of the seas looked like, how it ate, and even the more puzzling mysteries surrounding the Helicoprion: whether the unique saw-like spirals were located inside or outside the fish’s mouth."

Comment: Re:LDS Bible translation? (Score 1) 243

by stuporglue (#42997585) Attached to: Napster: the Day the Music Was Set Free

The official Bible translation for Latter-Day Saints is the KJV.

Small Joseph Smith Translations (JST) are put in the footnotes for reference, and larger translations are kept separately.

LDS Scriptures online (Genesis 1:31):
None of the footnotes there are JST footnotes.

Joseph Smith Translation:
No JST for Genesis 1.

Comment: Two hard drives and a server (Score 1) 212

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I have a home media server with all my data on it.

About monthly I back it up to a hard drive which lives in a firesafe in the house. After the backup I swap the hard drive with an identical drive which I keep in the trunk of my car. The car drive goes gets the full back up and goes into the fire safe.

The car is about as offsite as I can afford.

* One online backup on my home server
* One offline backup in a fire safe
* One offline backup in my car

FWIW I have just under 1TB of data, and use rsync to synchronize changes to the disks.

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by stuporglue (#42376443) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Test Your New Hard Drives?

I just bought a new ThinkPad which had several SSD options. I chose the slower 1 terabyte disk instead. I'd rather have everything I need with me, even if it is a little slower.

As for backups, I have a daily cron job which rsyncs between my laptop and my home server.

When I have massive changes I make sure I'm hooked up to the wired home network, otherwise it just goes on over wifi.

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"Unless you outright ban guns....or possibly legislate it so that only single shot weapons are legal, you're not going to change or do anything."

Single shot weapons aren't very useful for hunting. I have a single-shot breach action 12ga. shotgun. I missed several ducks and geese this year because I only had one shot -- by the time you reload they're gone.

I think it'd be a real hassle at gun ranges too.

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