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Journal Journal: Meditations on Corporate Mergers 1

This will be the first in a series. I'm currently working at a smallish company which was recently bought by another company. I won't reveal actual names, since one of the two parties is quite litigious. For the purposes of this log, I'll call the original, smaller company "Turtle" and the larger, new regime "Monterey."

I've got to catch a bus soon, so there's not going to be much in this initial entry. Let's just say that I'm angry and venting.

A couple of disclaimers to make people aware of biases and such:

1. I was not offered a job in the continuing organization. I'm not angry about that, since I was looking for another job prior to the merger.

2. These opinions are my own and do not necisarily reflect those of my old or new employers or any of my co-workers.

3. Some people reading this may figure out who I'm talking about. I won't confirm or deny any speculation about which companies this is about. Don't bother asking.

That's it. Those are the basics. I'll try to write a little every day or so as I get inspired by the sheer madness of it all. Hopefully, it will be entertaining to somebody besides me.

Have fun!

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