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by stub667 (#45593895) Attached to: Amazon Reveals "Prime Air", Their Plans For 30-minute Deliveries By Drone

No, you do what normal delivery people do and leave it at the security desk. Or with the guy hanging around outside the front whose job it is to wave his arms at taxis and move the beggars on. Or the drone landing bay the building installed on the second floor terrace balcony because the tenants wanted it. Or maybe they actually won't be leaving packages in random locations, and instead require you to actually be there to acknowledge the delivery. Maybe there are solutions to problems.

I think the first place to get a system like this will be Tokyo though. The culture loves robots, and I imagine some depots could service 10 million people in that 10 mile service radius. Not only would you deliver your own product, but you would steal almost all the existing document and small item delivery market.

+ - Mark Shuttleworth apologizes for Tea Party remark and fixubuntu take-down notice-> 2

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sfcrazy (1542989) writes "In an encouraging and refreshing move, Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu and Canonical has apologized for calling Mir opponents the “open source tea party”. In a blog post Mark wrote, "On another, more personal note, I made a mistake myself when I used the label “open source tea party” to refer to the vocal non-technical critics of work that Canonical does. That was unnecessary and quite possibly equally offensive to members of the real Tea Party (hi there!) and the people with vocal non-technical criticism of work that Canonical does (hello there!).""
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by stub667 (#45334013) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Encrypted Cloud Storage Provider?

Jungledisk was really great until Rackspace bought it and killed development.

Small (closed source) client running locally handling the encryption, caching and allowing mounts via webdav, fuse & something-windows. proof of concept open source client for the remote storage in case Jungledisk went tits up. Pay for your storage direct to Amazon S3. Linux, OSX, Windows clients. Supported both mounting remote storage or syncing local folders.

But RIP, thanks Rackspace. There have been murmurs on there blog that indicate things might be starting up again, but no mentions of Linux at all apart from when things won't work - the Linux client hasn't been updated in years and stopped working fully with Ubuntu around the same time (no GUI client, so configuration and installation practically impossible). I thought they would have just taken the large user base (at one point, I think they claimed their users in aggregate were the largest users of S3) and pushed them away from S3 into Rackspace, but the project just went dark from *years*.

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by stub667 (#45059463) Attached to: Steam Machine Prototypes Use Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs

You get more games targeted at your hardware. You are quite correct that most of us existing PC gamers are not going to buy a Steambox for maybe the next 5 years or so because we effectively already have one. But we will certainly benefit from the increased market share. It will also be good if the PC games needing a controller are targeting a standard one.

On the flip side, console owners may start expecting mouse and keyboard support for games that benefit from them. It will be interesting to see if games stop being 'dumbed down' for consoles and instead the optimal controls for the game design are chosen.

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by stub667 (#44968035) Attached to: Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve

Because it is demonstrating clearly that the system has become ludicrous and needs to be fixed. It demonstrates to everyone that it is impossible for the current system to be fair, and the game is rigged in favor of the people able to obtain real estate physically close enough to the exchange and afford the systems capable of doing millisecond trading. It demonstrates that it is impossible for investors in Chicago to compete fairly without resorting to fraud or breaking the laws of physics.

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by stub667 (#44956803) Attached to: <em>Myst</em> Was Supposed To Change the Face of Gaming. What Is Its Legacy?


Lots of games do beautiful, interesting & open worlds. Not many games go beyond 'run around killing things' as their core gameplay.

Check out the trailers for Zeno Clash or Zeno Clash II. Gorgeous surreal visuals, what looks an interesting story. Just don't bother buying it, as all the fantastic world building has been pissed away on a game where you run around punching people.

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