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Comment: Re:Moral Panic (Score 4, Insightful) 490 490

by jcr (#49961825) Attached to: Are Girl-Focused Engineering Toys Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes?

What happened to the feminist movement is typical for successful reform movements. Once they achieved their reasonable goals (equality before the law), the reasonable people in the movement went on to pursue other goals, leaving the dregs behind. That's why feminism today is lousy with witch-hunting and guilt-peddling.

Two other examples are the civil rights movement (it used to be MLK calling for an end to Jim Crow, today it's Jesse Jackson shaking down large corporations for not meeting racial hiring quotas), and the labor movement (used to be concerned with workplace safety and humane working conditions, now it's just a way for looters to take money from workers to buy hookers and blow for politicians and mobsters.)


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