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Comment Re:What about measuring reliability? (Score 1) 110

The most reliable Linux based system I has was based on Linux 2.2.30(?) anyways, 2.2, and Blackbox as a Window Manager. I played Counter Strike on my laptop and had great framerates, I ran prime number generators, cracked passwords, watched fun opengl screensavers, and everything was always smooth as silk and nothing ever crashed no matter how high the load became.

I would go back to it if I could and could have sub-pixel font hinting. My god the fonts were ugly... but perhaps they would look nicer on a 4k screen now... hm.

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 1) 582

There is no necessity for you to drive fast around residential areas, you want to go fast, hit a highway or a racetrack or quit whinging, FML.

On straight residential streets with no cars parked on the side of the road and nobody outside, I will occasionally hit up to 35mph. If there are vehicles parked on the side of the road and there are kids of any age playing anywhere near those cars, I will probably be going 15mph or maybe even 10mph. I have gone even slower at times.

Honestly, numbers (speed limits) being posted are so we can legally tag/ticket morons. I am 48 years old. I have never ran over or hit a person. I have only ever received 1 speeding ticket in my life (despite driving over 150mph quite a bit) and have never been in accident that was my fault (yet!). I have been rear ended twice at a stoplight. :(

Wanting to get somewhere without delay and being impatient are two totally different things.

Comment Re:Ignore 99.9% of the recommendations (Score 1) 1833

I just waded through this whole mess of comments. 99.9% of them are stupid ideas.

Not true. Only 87.6% are stupid.

Offering HTTPS and IPV6 are super excellent ideas. That already drops below the 99.9% threshold that you set. Putting Metamoderation back to the way it used to be drops it even further.

Unicode seems like it could be nice and/or useful but I am an American and the world revolves around me so ASCII is just fine as far as I am concerned. (tongue in cheek)

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1833

About once, maybe twice, a year, I see a post that hits so hard or is just so insightful that it should be +6. Perhaps if a +5 post gets 10 more mod points added to it, it could go to +6? I definitely agree with your main point, I am merely offering a slightly different view on the mod cap idea;

Comment Re:Just a fucking game (Score 1) 224

I used to run some very popular Counter Strike servers on the US West Coast from about 1.3 to 1.6 and even Source for a short while. I have a SteamID smaller than my original Slashdot ID.

I found the best way to discover cheaters was to spectate with cheats on, especially wall hacks. People would inevitably move their attention around based on what they could see. Sometimes, it was as obvious as a watching a guns crosshairs follow someone through a wall around a corner and then instant headshot. Other times, it was more subtle, like in de_aztec, where a terrorist would be behind the double doors entering the wide open space while clearly looking at the counter terrorists approaching the room on the other side of the bridge, somewhere that person would normally have no business looking/tracking unless they could see through walls.

I also had a neat little plugin that would tell you how long a person's crosshairs would remain on another person and I hacked it to tell me how long it would stay trained on any particular hitbox (mainly head). I then "trained" it by using it on some of my best league players and tuning it down further and further until they stopped triggering it. I then turned it on for everyone and if the plugin triggered, that person was placed under intense scrutiny. Found a few amazing players that way but 98% (number pulled from ass) were cheats.

Cheating sucks. When you do it, there is no feeling of achievement and when it happens against you, it feels depressing because there is almost no way to win. I am glad that someone created a "cheat" that outed the person trying to cheat. Serves them right. The only problem is that a lot of these games are free to play so they just create a new Steam account and cheat some more. *sigh*

Comment Re: FUD (Score 1) 357

Being anti GMO is every bit as nonsensical as being an anti-vaxer. There's all of about zero credible scientific data against it.

Hm. If you are talking about being anti-GMO because you are afraid it will kill you or cause cancer if you eat it, sure.

What if you are worried about whether or not a particular gene combination that would not "normally" exist in nature spreads far and wide across a single type of crap, say potato(e)s and that some bacteria or fungus somewhere develops some sort of appetite for it and wholesale destroys all potato crops for a year?

This has happened naturally but that is not an argument for creating such a thing.

Comment Re:The biggest problem with backdoors (Score 1) 345

The big lie is that you can have any technical means to do this without throwing it wide open. Then it's just a matter of who is abusing it ... because the act of creating this backdoor means it's only a matter of time before there's no security at all.

The thought process is that YOU will not have access to it. The thought of other governmental entities accessing the backdoor without the permission of the United States is beyond them. Of course, they probably thought my records at the OPM were perfectly safe too. :(

Comment Re:No Backdoorts (Score 3, Interesting) 345

I'll never forget getting pushback from a lawyer regarding a desire to use AES with a claim that I'd need an export certificate. I pointed out that AES wasn't developed in the United States and that when I went to the Bureau of Standards website at the time that it linked to a foreign website for sources. Now how exactly was that an EXPORT or cryptography?

Unfortunately, your lawyer was correct. I am not an expert on ITAR restrictions but I do get yearly training (and I slept at a Holiday Inn Express!).

Even if you imported something, exporting it back to where you originally received it from can be an ITAR violation. Stupid? Yes. Senseless? Of course. A perfect example of a normal government regulation? Perfect indeed.


Comment Re:Microsoft has already lost... (Score 1) 458

Amazing. You wrote exactly what I could have/should have wrote, from Amiga onwards. There is only one minor difference, my computer takes about 3 seconds longer to boot up. There is a mildly annoying pause for the WM to start up. It did not exist previously... but anyways. Spot on sir. Spot on... but I would like to note that I tried this on a desktop (entirely custom and "arbitrary") and a laptop (obviously not custom). The desktop had a proprietary driver for the video card and the laptop had a proprietary driver for the Broadcom bluetooth/wifi.

I should add that I am a gamer. I miss GTA V but only because I like to wander about the environment. I don't do the missions. There are still plenty of games for me to play so it is not a problem.

Comment Re:Cars are transportation (Score 1) 146

I want to be the one in control of my car. I like to drive.

That's nice but not really particularly important to society.

You making more money than you need to live is not particularly important to society either... and actually, it would be more beneficial for society if society took all of the money you did not need to live and spend it on society.

We are discussing the United States of America here. Take your ideas of society and go somewhere else where they fit.

I like to be in control. I like to have a car that stops as well as it accelerates and handles. I don't want a computer intervening in my driving.

Really? The plain fact of the matter is that without computer assistance your ability to control the vehicle is limited, particularly in difficult corner cases. In the right conditions you WILL stop faster with ABS brakes than without.

Actually, no. Many people can stop a car faster than relying on ABS alone will. Most of the American cars that I have driven start the ABS fluctuation early to prevent skids as once traction is lost, it takes a bit to regain it. Anyone who can keep the tires at the limit of traction can easily stop faster than this.

A high quality ABS will only take over once you have made a mistake. This will allow you to ride the limit of traction to a complete stop. This is a great feature.

In the right conditions you WILL accelerate better with traction control than without.

It is hard to argue when you put "in the right conditions" as a preface to your remark... Anywhere that traction is not close to perfect is the wrong condition for traction control. Again, Mercedes does pretty good with traction control that will allow you to accelerate despite patchy traction conditions, but most traction control will just leave you at a dead stop in conditions like sand or deep gravel.

In summary, the guy you are responding to loves his high quality, well tuned, and very sharp tools.

In summary to the summary, you are not an artisan and could care less about the tool that you have to use and want lots of safeguards built in... and wanting to require such things of people who are masters at using the tool. Because society.


Comment Re:Arm the first responders... (Score 1) 935

I am unsure why this situation is so cloudy for you. There are places/times where lines can be crossed, but why is this an issue anyways?

To answer some of your questions: Assuming a Wild West situation where there are numerous active shooters, most Bad Guys, some Good Guys, the good guys are either smart enough to lower their weapons when the police arrive or they get shot as being indistinguishable from the bad guys... and too bad for them. Stupid is as stupid does.

To address your other question, I would like to pose a question to you: What happens when the police shoot an innocent? If the situation was volatile enough, it is likely the police officer would be exonerated. While a normal citizen would never be granted as much leeway as a police officer, the situation is the same.

It sounds like you may not be able to deal with the responsibility of owning and carrying a firearm. That is fine. Nobody is requiring you to do so.

In other words, you have provided arguments about why YOU should not carry guns but you have not provided any arguments about why others should be prohibited from carrying guns.

Comment Re:RF? (Score 1) 935

He seems to be clueless. Guns are ubiquitous in Somalia, which has no functional government at all, much less a democratic one. While England seems to get by just fine with handguns banned.

Guns are ubiquitous to WHO in Somalia? The general population? I think not.

While England seems to be descending into an Orwellian hell with handguns banned. Go Go Gadget GCHQ!

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