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by strikethree (#47538803) Attached to: SLS Project Coming Up $400 Million Short

If Elon was really smart he'd start a church given how much people on slashdot worship him.

I do not worship him. I "like" him though. He became a billionaire and decided to build rockets and electric cars amongst other things. Every other billionaire is boring as hell, just trying to collect more money: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Walton family, etc etc. What the fuck are they doing? Reveling in luxury and power. What is Elon Musk doing?

Yeah, there is a reason Elon Musk is talked about more than most other billionaires... well, talked about positively anyways. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have probably had more words thrown about in here than poor little Elon, but the words used for that dynamic duo are of a much more disparaging nature.

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by strikethree (#47538631) Attached to: The Army Is 3D Printing Warheads

I'm not sure it would make much difference to be speaking German or Russian or Japanese or Chinese or have to profess belief in a different god. If you survived the war, you will still have the same shitty job living hand to mouth... just a different master.

I am an American. Granted, the chains of slavery are heavy, but the quality of the slavery is still different. I have more intellectual freedom in America than I would anywhere else in the world. Even that limited subset of freedom is imperfect but it is better than nothing.

The fight for freedom must continue until no ultimate authority is necessary but that is not a reason to ignore the differing qualities of freedom that are possible. While purity of freedom is desired, impure freedom should not be tossed aside merely because it is impure. It is a step towards purity.

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Oddly enough, some of the staunchest defenders of the second amendment claim to do so on the principle that an armed populace can keep a government in check -- and overthrow them by force if need be -- and yet those same people seem some of the least likely candidates to criticize the government for all these bogus measures and information black-outs in the name of "national security".

I am unsure what you are implying here... Are you trying to say that those who demand gun control are the ones most likely to rebel against authority? Seems kind of like an antelope yelling at a leopard. Am I missing something here?

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I apologize to everyone here for having voted for them a second time.

No need to apologize. All of this would have happened no matter who you voted for. There might have been a slightly different texture to the chains that are being foisted upon us, but the chains were coming no matter what.

The public face changes but the identity remains unchanged. The US Government is owned and does the bidding of a small group of people... and they are VERY small minded and selfish people with grandiose plans.

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I don't have any haloes or night vision problems either.

I read up on laser eye surgery before I had it performed. People kept complaining about halos and such. I had never noticed anything weird about my night vision before so I went outside and looked and guess what, I saw halos... but I had not had the surgery yet. Nothing changed once I did get the surgery. I still have the same effects that I had before the surgery.

I sure am glad that I checked beforehand; otherwise I would be pissed that I am seeing halos now. In reality, it was not the surgery that caused it, I just had never paid attention to them before.

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You're trading off future reading vision for distance vision now, and the older you get the closer "now" becomes.

I wish someone had told that to me before I had LASIK done. Even worse, I asked for PRK and discovered they were giving me LASIK when they were cutting my eye. They are not supposed to cut your eye for PRK.


I have terrible reading vision now... which is normal. Before I had the surgery, I could rest a book on my face and see the texture of the paper under the ink. Not anymore.

Ultimately, I have no problems with laser eye surgery but you need an honest doctor and full description of the trade offs beforehand so that you can make a fully informed decision.

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Have you met the people in America? Time and again I've met fine GED graduates who have told me that they know for a fact that basic cosmology is wrong and whatever they happen to believe is true

Why do you need to pick on GED holders? I have seen such behavior out of people with degrees from reasonably prestigious colleges. :(

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But we aren't talking about those issues right here in this post. We're talking about women right now, so let's stick to the topic.

I was not going to participate in the discussion because most every viewpoint was already covered... but then you had to go and say what I quoted above. *sigh*

She is claiming that men are attacking her. So right there, we have an issue about men. The woman is talking exclusively about men.

Is it surprising that people are talking about men? Especially when her words accuse ALL men?

Personally, I see some of the discussion about women and some of the discussion about men, which makes sense since ultimately, it is a discussion about how women and men interact.

Note how I avoided discussion the merits, or lack thereof, of her entire thesis? There is one thing I would really really like to say though:

There appears to be a group of alpha males and wannabe alpha males (trolls) who attack everything. Female, male, whatever. They try to find the weakest point of that person and tear them down. She seems to be a victim of that and is trying to express it in terms of sexual assault.

It is not surprising that she would do so; after all, she can only speak of things from her experiences. What she does not realize is that it happens to everybody. Being a woman, the attacks are more sexualized in nature but even men get assaulted in that manner. Hell, most of the Slashdot regulars have been assaulted like that. There is a reason for all of the basement jokes. It is safer down there.

Back to the main point, the reason you see so much discussion about mens' issues is that she has made it one by claiming that men in general act that way. It is simply not true and most Slashdot readers are tired of being assaulted by this claim. We do not want women to be assaulted any more than we want ourselves to be assaulted... and yet here we are, the male regulars of Slashdot are being assaulted. Again.

Take your womens' issues and stick them up your ass. This is a dominance issue. It has nothing to do with gender other than most of the alpha type folks are male. Even then, not all alphas play dominance games like that. And to top all of THAT off, the majority of males are not even alphas or wannabe alphas.

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No one who wasn't literally insane would try to use smallpox as a weapon


the infection would inevitably spread back to the country which initiated it

That is a benefit. It can be spun as, "they are counterattacking", etc.

and the idea that we would need samples of our own to retaliate is preposterous.

Agree. We might want samples to create a cure... so samples of our own is still a good idea.

The nightmare scenario is some Hitler-like dude inoculating his followers and letting lose the virus to destroy all of the impure people. As a state sanctioned weapon, biological warfare is virtually useless.

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Hold on, as much as Microsoft has ticked me off for 3+ decades, I don't want to see Google with a monopoly either. MS kind of keeps them in check.

WTF dude? Is your name Steve Ballmer or some such? Microsoft and Google are NOT competitors.

Microsoft does operating systems and other software, Google does search and advertising. There is some crossover to be sure, such as Bing and Android... but if Microsoft were to fail, it is NOT Google that will be replacing them. Perhaps Apple, perhaps not. Not Google.

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That may seem strange to us in Europe or the USA where miltary and civilian operations are conducted from separate facilities

It should not be strange to Americans either. Peterson Air Force base uses the other end of the Colorado Springs Airport.

And there are others, this one was merely convenient for me to point out.

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The bottom line is that outlawing drugs reduces their use

Does it? On the surface, it seems that what you say is true. Do you have any data to back that up with?

Personal anecdotes:
When I was in school, all the cool kids smoked marijuana despite its illegality. Numerous people were induced to use it despite not showing the desire to use it. Marijuana was most definitely illegal at the time. Legality had no effect on usage that I saw.

When I have visited Amsterdam, there were coffee houses and such that sold marijuana openly. The businesses did not seem overly busy and at most, i saw one or two small groups of people chatting away inside. Definitely not of apocalyptic proportions. Once or twice while wandering around downtown looking at the amazing architecture, I smelled some marijuana smoke but despite my efforts, I never saw who was smoking it. Legality had no effect on usage that I saw.

But do it factually rather than the misinfotainment spouted by both sides. Take pot for instance... the genetic and economic damage is huge.

Ok, let's talk facts. Provide links to reputable studies demonstrating genetic damage over and above genetic damage from background radiation, drinking water, or eating bananas. I did a quick search and the top article was this:

Honestly, it sounds rather hokey. They submitted cells directly to smoke condensates and they did not specify the type and amount of genetic damage. It seems to me that if they had subjected cells directly to any kind of condensed chemical that cell damage of some type is sure to occur. This is not normally how cells are exposed.

Tobacco was also measured this way and found to cause genetic damage. Again, seems rather suspicious to me. No studies not performed in this manner seem to indicate genetic damage.

150x the THC is not the harmless stuff the hippies from the 60's smoked.

I recognize this talking point. It is laughable because hashish has been available for thousands of years (condensed marijuana). Marijuana has been cultivated for thousands of years as a recreational chemical. It does not seem reasonable that all of the strains from the 60s were so weak when it is clear that farmers have known how to create selective strains for thousands of years, e.g. corn and wheat.

The political Right makes it a boogy man


but the political Left pushes "medical marijuana" which is a bigger lie than "Iraq WMD".

Hm. If it is a lie, then why does the federal government grant prescriptions for marijuana use? Sure, at the state level, the requirements are much (MUCH!) less strict, but even at its strictest, the federal government knows there are actual medicinal uses for marijuana.

Both drive from their marketing basis rather than act on fact.

It seems like you need to do some more investigation. Yes, there is a LOT of political spin from both sides. The idea is that YOU research the facts and come to a conclusion yourself. It appears as if you have not actually researched the subject deeply and are making an opinion based on "things you have heard".

Really, try researching it with an open mind. It will not attack you and hurt you.

Please note that I am not arguing for or against, I am merely responding to what you have written.

Kind regards

Would you people stop playing these stupid games?!?!?!!!!