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Comment Re:Because its non-brain-dead software... (Score 1) 143

I have scraped my knuckles badly on drupal versions 6 and 7. I won't ever go near it again, ever. I basically agree with every (comprehensible) thing in your post. Fanboys, facades, false promises and vapourware along wih a bunch of seriously obnoxious contributors and deluded neophytes.

Yeah, it will run a web site. No, it will not run your website.

Wordpress on the other hand is a great money maker for a dev and can be hollowed out and used in any way you like. Highly flexible once understood, just roll your own theme and plugins.

Comment A simple conversion that the editors neglected (Score 3, Insightful) 97

We found that comet Lovejoy was releasing as much alcohol as in at least 500 bottles of wine every second during its peak activity

An angry person writes:

So how much ethyl alcohol? Using standard dimensions as assumptions:

500 bottles at 750ml: 375 litres
375 litres of wine at 13% = 50 litres [*]

Just say that next time, k? At what point in the reporting chain did this idiocy get introduced? It's ejecting around 50 litres of ethyl alcohol. Simple. Now go away.

[*} adjusted ABV from 12 to 13% to get 50 litres - a more likely estimated figure

Comment Re:Hard? No way! If you can do freshman math . . . (Score 1) 350

THIS thread, all the way back to the AC. You guys get it. Any slashdotter worthy of the name would get navigation in an afternoon. I spent two weeks on a boat crossing an ocean and in that time nailed every observation in the book: sun-run-suns, noon sights, compass checks, planetary observations, moon sights, 7-way star fixes. The calculations are straightforward, the only required input data that you can't work out by hand is the celestial ephemera. But even if the almanac went overboard, a sextant, the sun and my casio F-91W wristwatch ($15) would get me across an ocean to a landfall.

Comment Re:can do it with a computer (Score 1) 350

The sextant hasn't been around that long, and is pretty useless without accurate timekeeping too. Accurate celestial navigation is about 200 years old. You also need an almanac, and it was only was possible to complile those data with developments in the telescope dating back only a couple of centuries. Before that, you didn't have much other than latitude measurements to go by (aside from general observation of lifeforms, swell patterns, cloud formations and so on). Before the 19th century, ocean navigation was most definitely an art and not a science.

Comment Re:Socalim is organized psychopathy (Score 1) 399

Union Carbide Bhopal. It was actually the first thing that came to my mind on that September morning back a few years. 8000 people died overnight, thousands more over the years since then. By a cost-cutting cheap ass US company that has never been properly held to account for its actions.

Comment Re:Hallmark hype (Score 1) 241

Red light cameras can increase safety

No, they don't. They don't look to see if the person maybe ran the light because some asshole was tailgating them and they were sure they'd be rear-ended if they slammed on the brakes to stop for the light in time.

Crap driver detected

Comment Because no one wants Linux on a laptop...? (Score 1) 383

No one? Really?

I switched this year to an all-linux environment. Previously, I mainly used Cygwin and VirtualBox on Windows to carry out development and local administration of web projects. There were always issues with things like file permissions and line endings along with the mental overhead of working across two separate OS. As I was already experienced with Linux, switching to Ubuntu on a new 5th gen i5 / 8GB was a breeze. It was a great relief to move into a homogeneous environment and as I fleshed out my software stack the advantages just became more and more apparent.

But there have been issues and they weren't always straightforward to solve, requiring much command line work to figure out. There's an annoying bug that causes system fonts to render corrupt occasionally. I don't get much joy out of the Bluetooth. If I was a new user I would probably have been frustrated and would have had to install Windows. So much of your comment is very valid. It does require a certain level of expertise to ride out the issues and arrive at a fully functional system.

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