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Comment: On the evolution of C++ (Score 5, Interesting) 427

by stox (#47671401) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Bjarne Stroustrup About Programming and C++

How do you feel about the evolution of C++ since it was first implemented with Cfront? What began as a pretty straightforward language has been expanded to significant complexity. Has this evolution been positive, or has it been an attempt to make the language apply to too many possible applications?

Comment: Re:SID vs SIM/TEN (Score 1) 59

by stox (#47342825) Attached to: 2600 Distributor Withholds Money, Magazine's Future In Limbo

If TEN split knowing that one of the entities being split could not fulfill its obligations, that would be a fraudulent conveyance. The courts invalidate the split and will force TEN to pay off the obligations in the long run. Of course, that will take years to wind through the court system. In the mean time, the lawyers will make a fortune.

Comment: Re:Except, of course, they have to prove you can (Score 4, Informative) 560

by stox (#47326929) Attached to: Mass. Supreme Court Says Defendant Can Be Compelled To Decrypt Data

"Solid State drives (SSD) introduced dramatic changes to the principles of computer forensics. Forensic acquisition of computers equipped with SSD storage is very different of how we used to acquire PCs using traditional magnetic media. Instead of predictable and highly possible recovery of information the suspect attempted to destroy, we are entering the muddy waters of stochastic forensics where nothing can be assumed as a given."

The only difference between a car salesman and a computer salesman is that the car salesman knows he's lying.