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+ - Pirate Party Pillages Private Papers->

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David Crafti
David Crafti writes: "Pirate Party Australia has made the move to host the recently leaked ACTA document in order to highlight the lack of government transparency in the negotiation process. We believe that the document is not under copyright, and we are not party to any NDAs, so there should be no restriction on us posting it. We would like to see what the government (any government) tries to do about it. If it turns out that there is some reason that we have to take it down, then we will, but if this happens, it will only validate the document's authenticity."
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Comment: Re:So much for not sacrificing ideals for safety. (Score 1) 906

by stop bothering me (#26581375) Attached to: Obama Sides With Bush In Spy Case
Your not paying 5k for a dude to say PUSH. Your paying 5k for a guy who know WHEN to say push.

There is a difference there.

Tho im sure if the pregnancy has been fine and there are no complications, then a midwife could probably perform the same job for significantly less.


Australian Government Censorship 'Worse Than Iran' 516

Posted by timothy
from the but-the-people-there-are-so-nice dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Australian Government's plan to Censor the Internet is producing problems for ISPs, with filters causing speeds to drop by up to 86% and falsely blocking 10% of safe sites. The Government Minister in charge of the censorship plan, Conservative Stephen Conroy, has been accused of bullying ISP employees critical of his plan: 'If people equate freedom of speech with watching child pornography, then the Rudd Labor Government is going to disagree.'" Read on for more, including an interesting approach to demonstrating the inevitable collision of automated censorship with common sense.

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