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Comment: Re:Good. +1 for Google. (Score 1) 176

by stooo (#49394883) Attached to: Chinese Certificate Authority CNNIC Is Dropped From Google Products

>>registrars between you and the root can spoof you.
Not good.
It would be much better to require two (or more) cert chains at the same time that won't cooperate.
For example, take a cert from USA, North Korea, and India. You could only be spoofed if theese 3 CAs or their intermediary cooperate.

Comment: Re:Space debris (Score 1) 226

by stooo (#49372055) Attached to: Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space

"The two main debris fields are the ring of objects in GEO and the cloud of objects in low Earth orbit (LEO)"

it's not a problem of the same magnitude than LEO, but it will become one once you put up "square kilometers arrays of photocells or mylar reflectors". These things will just disintegrate at the smallest impact, and create a large debris cloud. This is why orbital mylar baloons are obsolete since long.

Comment: Re:Wait... what? (Score 1) 228

by stooo (#49339843) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

No. They destroyed a few planes and some ships. In WWII order of magnitude, that was a slap in the face, not more. Military are there do kill and to be killed, that's their job.
Real "FUCKING BOMBING" in WWII is killing millions of civilians. Japan did it in china, USA did it in japan and germany. etc etc etc.

Comment: Re:Wait... what? (Score 1) 228

by stooo (#49339781) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

>> Consider that, since the end of WW2... blablabla

The nature of the nuclear weapon is still to kill many hundred thousand people at once. That did not change. It just became much more efficient at it.
The power of the 1945 bombs was terrifying the world, the power of todays weapons is still terrifying the world.
So yes, it can be compared. The problem just increased 20dB in magnitude. The USA is still the main bad actor.

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