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Comment Re:Negative Feedback is Important (Score 2) 339

Yes, negative feedback is absolutely a major factor in system stability.

But if the phase margin is too small, there will be a large overshoot at one frequency. That's what happened here between these two guys, there was an over-response induced by the feedback loop because the feedback guy was not considering he puts too much negative feedback to a guy with a big gain....

Solution : reduce the negative feedback in the future.

Comment Re:FTDI is malware (Score 1) 268

>> So, don't use their software. Problem solved.
No, the problem is not solved. Even if you use Linux, you sell products. And your customers who use Windows will see unexpected fails once compatible or fake chips appear in the supply chain. And you can't control the supply chain.

For my part, as a HW designer, I make sure my company will never use a FTDI product.

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