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Journal: Lollipop on 2012 Nexus 7 Wi-fi 1

Journal by stoolpigeon

I got a message that the OTA update to Lollipop was available for my Nexus 7 so I installed it.

It made the tablet unusable. Performance was atrocious, battery life could dropped to a couple hours. It couldn't play music. Doing anything took so long (if it worked at all) that it was really not worth it.

I googled around. One suggestion was to clear the cache. I tried to do that but when I tried to boot into recovery that always failed with an error about "No command found."

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Journal: SELinux and Web development

Journal by stoolpigeon

I use my Fedora desktop to work on development of all kinds. I love that with a Linux machine I can have a machine that matches my production environment very nicely and all the tools I want are there and work pretty well together.

I appreciate SELinux since it is there to keep me safe.

Comment: Re:Moo (Score 1) 4

by stoolpigeon (#48704063) Attached to: Moving Streams in Kmix

We are heavy netflix users as well. There's a British series on there - Black Mirror. Sort of a technology related Twilight Zone-ish kind of thing. Whoever writes the stories has the ability to come up with some really disturbing stuff. My wife and daughters have been on a huge Gilmore Girls kick.
I watch more and more youtube as well. A lot of esports type stuff. My son watches Minecraft on youtube more than he actually plays it lately.
What was interesting to me today was that it hit me that while I listen to my mp3 collection at work, at home we never listen to locally stored music. It's all pandora. My girls do have music locally on their devices (phone and tablet) but that's not much. The latest Taylor Swift or whatever else they get into. We buy that via Amazon so I can download the drm free files and they can just copy them off the PC that is hooked up to our TV.
It's fun living in the future. I remember looking at the tv guide that came with the sunday paper every week to see what good shows would be on that week and hoping they would be at times I'd be able to watch.

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Journal: Moving Streams in Kmix 4

Journal by stoolpigeon

I am in the office today. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the building. So today I'm doing something I almost never do - I'm listening to music via my speakers rather than using my headphones.

When I kicked off Amarok I went to switch the audio from the headphones to the speakers and realized I hadn't installed pavucontrol. I pulled it up in apper and saw that it was a gtk program. Not a big deal in itself. I have other gtk stuff already installed. But it just made me th

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Journal: Fedora 21 Virtual Box Guest Additions and the Debug Kernel 1

Journal by stoolpigeon

I run a Vbox instance of Fedora on my mac. It was Fedora 20 but I used Fedup to upgrade it to Fedora 21.

When I did that and updated everything I ran into a problem where guest additions wasn't working. And I don't know about other situations but in this one when Guest Additions isn't working then the VM is pretty much unusable. So I was digging around trying to figure it out. The install would run and complain about not being able to find the kernel headers but they were insta

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Journal: Slimy 1

Journal by stoolpigeon

Having to carefully unselect crap I don't want installed on every Java update? Slimy
Rechecking the "stay logged in" button on facebook for me? Slimy
There's so much slimy stuff. Found a new one today. That Win 7 VM I mentioned, it wanted me to upgrade IE. Which I want to do - no problem. As I'm about to hit the Download button I see a small line further down "Download non-enhanced version." My gut tells me I don't want enhanced - do a quick google and I'm right. Non-enhanced means just

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Journal: Storage is Cheap but Come On Windows 1

Journal by stoolpigeon

EDIT: I cleaned up restore points and that got the space used down to 27.4 GB - still crazy.

I have a Fedora 20 vm that I run in VirtualBox on my Mac. It gives me access to some tools I like, and it lets me run a web server that's closer to what a production environment would look like.

Yesterday I got around to setting up another VM. This one is Windows 7. I started the same as I did the Fedora image, with a 25 GB hard drive. That was fine for the windows instal

Comment: Re:Moo (Score 1) 5

by stoolpigeon (#48378419) Attached to: Things I Can't Avoid Knowing

I've still got an American passport and I'd need strong reasons to ever get rid of it.

As it stands now, it is the only one I have. I'd love to have a passport from an EU country but that takes some effort. I had hoped having great grandparents that emigrated from Hungary would have helped, but now I don't think so. I could go the traditional route but that requires a level of proficiency in Hungarian that I doubt I'll ever attain.

Comment: Re:Moo (Score 1) 5

by stoolpigeon (#48378197) Attached to: Things I Can't Avoid Knowing

Yep. American, living in Hungary.
I agree about Reddit, in terms of the defaults. But I view it logged in. I've unsubscribed from that stuff that I find useless and learn a decent amount from the subreddits that I do read. The smaller subreddits have less activity, so they are easy to keep up with and they have a better signal to noise ratio.

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Journal: Things I Can't Avoid Knowing 5

Journal by stoolpigeon

I spend a decent amount of time at Reddit. The key is finding good subreddits. I usually hop on Facebook a time or two a day as well. As an expat it is a good way to connect back to home.

Anyway what's interesting to me is that sometimes things happen and those sites just go kerbonkers. Like, for example, if it rains in Phoenix my facebook feed will be absolutely full of it and I'll see it about a million times.

With reddit it is more noticeable because certain e

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