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Journal: Android International 5

Journal by stoolpigeon

Google struggles dealing with people who are in one place but want to use a language from another place.

It's gotten better in chrome on a computer. I can pretty much search in chrome and get my results in English. But on android it's a mess.

When I search in Android Chrome - I get and I haven't found a way to get it to use

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Journal: Subscriptions Are Over ~ Busy Penguin 2

Journal by stoolpigeon

I enquired about when subscription renewal would be available again and the reply I got was that the subscription process will not be coming back. Must not make enough income to make it worthwhile. I liked seeing stories a little early and would try to quickly email and warn of dupes when I could. But it is a business. So it goes.

Comment: Re:sponsered phones. (Score 1) 116

by stoolpigeon (#47816159) Attached to: E-Books On a $20 Cell Phone

I know there are methods to remove the ads - but I have to say that when they planned this out they did it right. I've never felt a need to remove it from mine. They only show up on the home screen (where they are crazy small) and on my screen saver thing. When I'm reading there is no difference. I really don't spend any significant amount of time not actually "in" books on the thing so I forget about it. Every so often it will remind me to connect to wi-fi if I haven't done so in a long time but if it really helps keep the cost of the readers down I don't mind it at all.

I think that calibre plus the kindle means that I have access to pretty much everything. It's like having the worlds largest library in my home. And since I don't live in a country that has libraries with books in my native language that's a pretty nice thing.

And I have moved enough that I really don't want physical books much any more. There are instances where they are better but for anything I'd read as a paperback I much prefer electronic now.

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Journal: Drive Died - Can't Subscribe 3

Journal by stoolpigeon

The drive died but not before I got copied what I wanted copied. Clonezilla failed and then it just totally tanked. So I just put in the drive I was trying to clone over to and did a fresh install. Now I'm copying back some stuff.

My Slashdot subscription ended and you can't buy it any more. The page seems to say this is temporary but I wonder if that is going away?

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Journal: Seagate - At least I got a heads up 6

Journal by stoolpigeon

Booted up my Fedora box at work this morning but instead of starting normally it put me in emergency mode with a message to check the logs. On the whole I'm very pleased with this development. It gave me a prompt to give it the root password and then I could view the logs with journalctl from there.

Comment: Re:I went from S2 to S5 (Score 1) 5

by stoolpigeon (#47798841) Attached to: The Glass On My Galaxy S3

I follow a similar pattern. I went from an S to the S3.

This was in part due to cost. If I am going to spend $600 on a phone, I treat it like any other computer purchase and I expect to get a minimum of 3 years out of the device.

Now that there are phones available that are of almost the same quality, at a much lower price I'll probably make a move - but not for at least a year. While I waited to repair this one I was using a Moto G and I loved it. The screen isn't as big, and it was a relief to get back to my Galaxy in that regard. But I'd say otherwise the Moto G was just as good but it cost less than $200.

People talk about the race to the bottom - and there are some awful Android devices out there but there are also some really nice devices that don't cost such a huge premium and I like to think of them as being part of the race to the middle. The point where I get maximum value.

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Journal: The Glass On My Galaxy S3 5

Journal by stoolpigeon

A while back due to a freak accident, the glass broke on my S3. I decided to buy a kit and replace it myself. It went o.k. but I wasn't too crazy about the result. Touch didn't work as well afterwords and the home button was a little too recessed. I figured either I didn't get the adhesive set right or the glass was thicker.

Not long after I fixed it ( within 6 months?) my daughter knocked my phone off a counter and the glass broke again. So I ordered another kit.

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