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Though I don't know that anyone I've talked to has suggested we shouldn't have gotten him back. The discussion I've seen was over whether or not what we gave up made sense.
I keep seeing it framed as "either you were for him being returned or you wanted to let him rot" and I don't think that's accurate.
I'm totally with you though - we didn't want to just leave him there regardless. It's just like when guys from my boat took off. They would get them back and then punish them and then separate them.

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Sure - I can appreciate form and function. I have no idea why one would completely abandon aesthetics.

What's better than something that performs very well? Something that performs very well and is enjoyable to look at/hold. If it doesn't work well, then I'll forgo that but if it is possible to have both, then why not?

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Outside Samsung I've used two phones. A Nexus 4 and a Moto G. I was pleased with both in terms of price and performance. The new Moto G should be out soon and it will have an SD card slot. That is what I'll be buying my daughter when we are in the US this summer. The price is great and I've been very pleased with the device.

I don't think either is as styligh as my Galaxy devices, but they are much more affordable and the stock (or very close to it) Android experience is worth it in my mind. On my Galaxy S3 I ended up running Cyanogenmod as I got tired of the Samsung/Carrier stupidity.

I haven't tried the Moto E but if one were very, very concerned with economy I'd be quick to give it a go based on how happy I've been with the Moto G.

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My kindle is really my preferred way to read a book now.

The android app is pretty nice too. When I read on my nexus it gives me an estimate, based on current page turning speed I assume, of how many minutes it will take to finish the chapter. That is really awesome. But the nexus is thicker, heavier and has shorter battery life than the kindle.

Mine has lasted me quite a while. My kids have had issues with theirs but our experience has been the same as yours. Amazon service has been outstanding and we've had no problem getting replacements. And for a family it is ideal. Everyone is connected to my account. When we buy a book from Amazon (or email it in from Calibre) then everyone can read it.

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I've never played any of the Blizzard games other than StarCraft.

I watched another guy play World of Warcraft once and realized if I started I'd be without a family, job or home in no time so I've never gone anywhere near it as a player. It pushes too many of my buttons.

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Journal: SC2 on the MBP 4

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When StarCraft II came out I bought it. Unfortunately I didn't play for too long. My machine could barely run it. As I progressed through the campaign it became increasingly laggy as the scenarios became more complex. There were also some fundamental changes to gameplay that I didn't care for. I never liked the missions where I didn't build a base but instead followed a path, picking up a few units here and there. There were these along with missions that were very time oriented and you have

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Very recently my Fedora machine stopped booting to the graphic login. It would be humming along, I'd see my little "f" appear, then I'd drop back to a text list of boot up events and it would just sit there. I could hop over to another tty and log in and then startx and log into KDE.

I've been busy so I didn't have time to try and figure it out. Today I finally could do a little research. I found stuff like this

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