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stoolpigeon's Journal: Bosch 5

Journal by stoolpigeon

When we moved to Hungary we had to buy appliances as Europeans believe in big power. And I wouldn't want to have shipped stuff like that anyway. We bought a refrigerator from Bosch because we figured it would be high quality.
The compressor on it died the 28th of December. We called out a guy and he informed us that he could replace it for about $250 or we could have it done under warranty. We thanked him and called the warranty people. They came out and told us it would take a week to get the new part. That week turned into two. Finally a guy came out to install it. We were done.
That night it died. I think he put it in wrong but I'm not sure. Either way I had to call them back out. They new guy that came said the new compressor was "kaput" and that it would take a week to get one. That was last Tuesday. They are supposed to come put it in tomorrow. So we are coming up on real close to a month.
I don't think I'll be buying one of their products again after this.

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  • by Chacham (981)

    Sounds like they Bosched it up. he he he.... ferget it.

  • Strange, I've got a washing machine and a dryer from Bosch. Never had a single problem with them. All the appliances (oven dishwasher, cooking plate) at the apartment were Bosch also. The fridge was a Zanussi, but mainly because Bosch didn't have one that fit. In the new kitchen, everything is Siemens, but that's basically the same.

    I would bet on bad luck. We do tend to get the high-end (most expensive) versions, though.

    Also, scumbag repairmen tend to do exactly that. I had exactly this happen on a p

  • Haven't owned any Bosch stuff, so can't comment on their reliability. Also, I don't know how tough Hungary's consumer legislation is regarding repairs under warranty. Might be worth brushing up on what the rules are, and finding the address of Bosch's head office in Hungary, as well as their European central office. I'd be writing them an angry letter, and threatening to tell everyone I know how shoddy their service was. Might not achieve anything other than stress relief, but on the other hand it might sho

  • Only had experience with Bosch brakes and brake systems. Everything a-OK, but my newest item with them is 2001. My brother has extensive Bosch parts on a ~1985 Porsche 928. Stuff seems to be holding up reasonably well. Yeah, these are automotive apps vs appliances and 12-30 years ago, so... Yeah. My post is pretty pointless.

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