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stoolpigeon's Journal: California Scholarships for Undocumented Immigrants 2

Journal by stoolpigeon

I just read an article that interviewed a few kids taking advantage of college scholarships even though they aren't US citizens. Undocumented Students Get First Grants
I'm all for immigration reform and I think the US ought to be embracing immigration from Mexico in a big way. But this article made me sad. Look at what these kids want to study. Psychology? In my house we call that "getting a degree in retail management." Mostly because everyone I know with an undergrad degree in psych works as a manager in retail.
Please - give them scholarships - in fields that we need. medicine, technology, engineering - something. Not psychology and political science.

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California Scholarships for Undocumented Immigrants

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  • Speaking from experience (management, not Psychology), I cold see how that would actually be an appropriate/useful degree when a large part of your job is managing people.
    • Shouldn't a couple of psych credits be required for a management degree? Armchair professor here says he would call for it. Hell, he says even a zoo keeper should know a thing or two before they lock him up in the cage during feeding time.

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