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Journal SPAM: Phone Switch 2

Should get my Vonage box today and my number is supposed to switch over from at&t tomorrow. I like having a regular home phone for the kids, they are too young to operate a cell phone in a stressful situation, or give our address if they did manage to call 911. As soon as they get older I will happily drop Vonage and just go with our mobile phones.

But at&t is too expensive and less reliable than my internet service. Vonage will be almost half the cost and I expect it to be at least as reliable.

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Phone Switch

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  • I didn't really have a great experience with Vonage, I switched to Comcast and never, ever had an issue.
    • I don't think they are available where I live - I looked into Brighthouse but they wanted to come into my house and move my router. When I was in AZ I had Cox and they did all the phone stuff from outside. They were really good too. Hopefully Vonage will be decent. My friends that use it are happy.

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